The Rocky Mountains, Colorado

By Christen and Anna

Where On Earth is the Rocky Mountains?

The center of the region for The Rocky Mountains are located 40˚North in latitude and 105˚West in longitude in Colorado. It is very mountain range in very very high elevation. It has a rocky, hard surface. The area has forests of pinon pines and junipers. There are also fir trees, pine trees, spruces sage, and brush trees.

Is it Urban, Surburban, or Rural?

The Rocky Mountains are partly urban with very few large cities. For the most part it is rural and is sparsely populated. You would need car with good mileage. In the spring time the temperature ranges from 62˚F to 33˚F. In the summer the temperature ranges from 85 to 54˚F. In the fall the temperature ranges from 64 and 33˚F. In the winter the temperature ranges from 42 to 14˚F. The climate is mostly dry and semiarid. Snow falls on the top of The Rocky Mountains.

What is the Natural Resources and Jobs in the Area?

Gold, silver, and copper are some natural resources in the area. Many other minerals such as coal, oil, natural gas, molybdenum, which is used to strengthen steel, crops such as wheat and hay. This is used to feed cattle. Some main jobs in the area are mining and farming.

Would You Like to Live Here? Why or Why Not?

I, Christen would not like to live here because of where the area is located and the local jobs. I do not like the temperature ranges from season to season because it is very cold. I don't really like the fact of high elevation and that it is dry and semiarid. I, Anna would not like to live here because I do not want to do the kinds of jobs there, like mining and farming. I would rather live in the city. I like to live where sidewalks are so I can walk to stores and restaurants. Christen and Anna like the way their life is.

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