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March 14-18, 2016

Don't forget - STEAM night this Thursday, March 17! See more info below!

What We're Learning This Week

*We will not be going to the library for the next 2 weeks due to Book Fair.

Reading- Beginning extended text The One and Only Ivan; comparing and contrasting two passages by looking closely at each passage and answering questions

Word Study- -are and -ire word families

FRY WORDS: fire, square, wire

Suggested Words: admire, expire, tire, beware, compare, share, care

Math- Adding and subtracting within 1000 using place value, pictorial representation, and numberlines

Social Studies- Introduction to Jimmy Carter

Writing- Review of informational writing; writing a biography of Jimmy Carter

Device Update

Last week I had the opportunity to attend some professional learning on eClass and how to use it in the classroom more frequently rather than just using it for homework. This gave me some wonderful ideas, and I will definitely be using BYOD more frequently in the classroom. If you have already signed the permission form, have your child bring their device as frequently as possible! If you're on the fence about allowing your child to bring their device, please contact me! I would love to answer your questions about how we will be using this for more extensive learning!


On March 17th Gwin Oaks will host STEAM Night. During STEAM Night different presentations related to science, technology, engineering, art, or math will be offered to students. This is a great way for students to see how the curriculum they are learning now applies to a broader context. Students have worked hard on their own technology projects and these will also be showcased on STEAM Night. Don’t miss the chance to see the wonderful student projects and presentations at STEAM Night. The book fair will also be opened during STEAM Night.

Parking shuttles will run from Nam Dae Mun to Gwin Oaks starting at 5:30.

Bruster’s will be selling ice cream for $2.00.

PTA will be selling donuts.

The schedule for the Night is:

5:45-6:15- Book Fair and Student projects
6:30-7:00- Session 1
7:10-7:40- Session 2

Minecraft Edu

Meet the Other Family Doctor, the Veterinarian

The Night Sky

Gwinnett County Police Crime Scene Investigations

Georgia Bureau of Investigation Forensics

Quartz: Crystals; Geodes; Jaspers and Agates!

Make Your Own Fizzy Flavors

Farm Life

Learning Basic Programming through Play!

Bring Your Illustration to Life with Lego Stop Motion!

Wood Working

Heads in the Clouds with Weather

Slime Gloppy Glop

What is Dry Ice?

Drum Circles

3D Printing and Design

Law Enforcement

Technology and EMS/Fire

Wham! Blam! Comic Strip Making Fun! Pow!

Explore the Wonderful World of WeDo Bots

What is a Service Dog and Guide Dog and how are they Trained?

From Bean to Chocolate

Five Forks Robotics Team

Science, Technology, Engineering and Math - How is Electricity Generated?

Creepy Crawling Critters

Specials Schedule

Monday 3/14: Science

Tuesday 3/15: P.E.

Wednesday 3/16: P.E.

Thursday 3/17: P.E.

Friday 3/18: Art

Monday 3/21: Art

Tuesday 3/22: Art

Wednesday 3/23: Math

Thursday 3/24: Math

Friday 3/25: Math

Math Videos

I wanted to leave these videos on the newsletter for one more week. I'll be adding them to eClass next week.

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About Ms. Bettler

This is my second year at Gwin Oaks - and I LOVE it here! I am so greatful to be part of such a wonderful community.

My family means the world to me. We are all very close. We love going to Disney World - my brother and I are huge roller coaster junkies and nostalgic 20-somethings. We also love playing with our bichon frise puppy, Sophie. She is such a trouble maker! In June 2016 I'll add on an extension to the family when I marry my fiancee, David!

Music is a very important part of my life. I have been playing piano since I was six years old. I have also been involved in some sort of choir or band since fifth grade.

As a teacher, my goal is to make sure that students know how valuable they are! It's not about if a child is smart, but HOW a child is smart. I strive to help each child see their own potential to make a difference in this world and give them the tools to succeed.