Life in mexico

Mexico is full of lakes fun and music

Mexico honor

Here is how big Mexico is and what the Mexico flag looks like

Wrecking bull

In Mexico to impress the crowd they do a game called bull fighter it when one guy with a red cape try to make the bull miss hitting the red cape as much possible.

Mexico monster

Mexico most famous dish is burritos and tacos and their most famous side are corn bean and chili

Life is poor or rich

Mexico has lots oil natural gas and food so Mexico count as rich city because it has so many of each recourse .

It holiday time

Mexico has lot of different holiday such as palm Sunday Easter chirstmas and new year

Body of water

Mexico has lots of lakes and pond but the biggest one is gulf of mexico
it is located in mexico people mostly use it for swiming.

Mexico music

The Mexico listen to kind of music with trumpets drums and trombones because they are mostly Mexican insturment
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More fun

Another fun thing about Mexico is that they really like soccer but in Mexico they call it football and here what their shirts look like.
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