Pink Posharita Update

Week of Sunday January 31st - Saturday February 6th

February GOALS!

Happy February! We did awesome in January and I know February is going to be even bigger – we have new catalogs and 54 new products! I know we are so excited for spring/summer and our customers will be too! This is a great month to continue to grow your business, or start fresh if you haven’t achieved what you wanted to in the past!

•What are your goals for February?! Share them below! Stating your goals out loud or putting them into writing helps you clarify what you want, motivates you to take action, helps you overcome resistance by focusing on it, and helps you see and celebrate your progress.

•My Personal and Team Goals are:
Personal new team members-4
New team members overall-10
New members in our company-25

List of discontinued items!

Keep in mind some could be product repackaging but we won't know until the launch ! Please don't panic, LOTS of great new stuff is coming!!!! You can order these now if you know you gotta have them! Some stuff may run out before Friday but no way to know!! Happy discontinued list shopping everyone!!!
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Checklist to get ready for catalog change!

This is a pretty good amount of information and hopefully instead of being overwhelming, it will help you get ready and feel prepared! Catalog changes are a fun, exciting time!

Tuesday Video Trainings 2/2

Today is Tuesday Training (official Home Office training videos)! Those that show up go up!!! Check in when you can and watch some of the videos! Use the facebook event link below to find the training videos easily today- they are trying this new format so the videos don't get lost in Posh Talk! It doesn't matter when you watch them but I definitely recommend finding time today or tomorrow to do so!

Once you view the Home Office Tuesday Trainings, go to Posh Talk (post on their actual wall) and share what you learned to be entered to win a prize. Follow the directions in the graphic below!

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Premier Call Notes - 02.02.2016

January was great… we beat out target per consultant average goal by 24%! Fabulous! And we’ve increased our January over 685% from January 2014. BOOM! Nice work everyone!

Tuesday Trainings… keep an eye out for on the Facebook event page for all the videos for the day! This puts it in one easy to spot place to view them. Also, all the videos will be in the box for your reference! Please make sure to post comments etc on the main Posh Talk page, not the event page as they aren’t watching the event page for questions and the like.

The name on your profile, exactly as it is entered, including spacing, capitalization etc, is how it will be on awards, locator, certificates and such. So, if you didn’t capitalize your name when you signed up, you may want to fix that in your VO (my business, profile) to make sure your awards are just the way you want them!

Dayaway! Tampa is almost sold out… the remaining cities with tickets left have about 100. Don’t delay!!! If you were one of the first 150 to register for SLC or Louisville, you will be receiving an invitation to do a tour of HO or the Distribution Center. Stay tuned to your email! Also, there will be “Dish at Dinner” in Louisville and Dallas and SLC prior to Dayaways with some home office people. Check that Posh Talk events page for more details.

Shipping update! SLC is shipping the 28th, KY is shipping the 25th, and PA is shipping the 28th. If you have orders prior to that, please do a SR. Weather did hold up some items moving from one DC to others, but please go ahead and SR if needed. The shipping and operations team are doing great things and are committed to making sure the transition kits go out on Friday for arrival to begin Monday. The majority of everyone should get their kits by Wednesday, but of course, weather and distance from a DC may impact that for you as well.

Catalog Launch-Posh Night!!!! It’s coming!!!! YAY!!! Make sure to close your parties on Thursday night. All sites, including those for the box and to do a SR, will be down from 1am MT Friday morning until after Posh Night. Sites will come back up at 9pm MT (10 central, 11 eastern, 8 pacific). Please stay tuned to social media (FB and Instagram) for the product launch, contests, and all sorts of fun stuff. This should be the best catalog launch ever!!

Have a great week!

TEAM Training tonight!

Make sure to check out the team training tonight by clicking on this Facebook event!

(If for some reason you're not in Angie's group Detox Divas, it will say the link is unavailable. Let me know and I can add you!)

Last week's Team Training on Recruiting!

Premiercon/Posh Night Event Invite!

Instead of flooding the wall, I created a Premiercon/Posh Night event. I will post personal pictures, actual product pictures from Posh Night, and all the important info/updates I learn here...including info from our business sessions! Make sure you accept the invite so I can share everything with you. If you accept the invite, you will also be able to go back and look at it at a later time!

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Pink Posharitas are all Perfectly Posh consultants that are downline of Maddie Jaime, Premier Perfectly Posh Consultant.