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Welcome April

Is the Spring coming? he said.

What is it like?...

It is the sun shining on the rain and the rain falling on the sunshine...

"The Earth is what we all have in common"

Happy Easter

Happy Earth Day

“Most of us, I believe, admire strength. It’s something we tend to respect in others, desire for ourselves, and wish for our children. Sometimes, though, I wonder if we confuse strength and other words-like aggression and even violence. Real strength is neither male nor female; but is, quite simply, one of the finest characteristics that any human being can possess.”

-Mr. Rogers (1928-2003)

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‘The Great Realization’

“Tell me the one about the virus again, then I’ll go to bed”.

“But, my boy, you’re growing weary, sleepy thoughts about your head”.

“That one’s my favorite. Please, I promise, just once more”.

“Okay, snuggle down, my boy, but I know you all too well.

This story starts before then in a world I once would dwell”.

“It was a world of waste and wonder, of poverty and plenty,

Back before we understood why hindsight’s 2020.

You see, the people came up with companies to trade across all lands

But they swelled and got much bigger than we ever could have planned

We always had our wants, but now, it got so quick

You could have anything you dreamed of, in a day and with a click

We noticed families had stopped talking, that’s not to say they never spoke

But the meaning must have melted and the work life balance broke

And the children’s eyes grew squarer and every toddler had a phone

They filtered out the imperfections, but amidst the noise, they felt alone.

And every day the skies grew thicker, ‘till you couldn’t see the stars,

So, we flew in planes to find them, while down below we filled our cars.

We drove around all day in circles, we’d forgotten how to run

We swapped the grass for tarmac, shrunk the parks ‘till there were none

We filled the sea with plastic because our waste was never capped

Until, each day when you went fishing, you’d pull them out already wrapped

And while we drank and smoked and gambled, our leaders taught us why

It’s best to not upset the lobbies, more convenient to die

But then in 2020, a new virus came our way,

The governments reacted and told us all to hide away

But while we were all hidden, amidst the fear and all the while,

The people dusted off their instincts, they remembered how to smile

They started clapping to say thank you and calling up their mums

And while the car keys gathered dust, they would look forward to their runs

And with the skies less full of voyagers, the earth began to breathe

And the beaches bore new wildlife that scuttled off into the seas

Some people started dancing, some were singing, some were baking

We’d grown so used to bad news, but some good news was in the making

And so when we found the cure and were allowed to go outside

We all preferred the world we found to the one we’d left behind

Old habits became extinct and they made way for the new

And every simple act of kindness was now given its due”

“But why did it take us so long to bring the people back together?”

“Well, sometimes you’ve got to get sick, my boy, before you start feeling better

Now, lie down and dream of tomorrow and all the things that we can do

And who knows, if you dream hard enough, maybe some of them will come true

We now call it The Great Realization and yes, since then, there have been many

But that’s the story of how it started and why hindsight’s 2020”

-Tom Roberts (Tom Foolery) 2020

Spring and the feeling of happiness:

Have you ever noticed how you and those around you have a certain spring in your step this time of year? This time of year is often thought of as the period when we feel most positive. What is it about this time of year that makes us feel more energetic? One of the most important factors is the combination of increased light and warmth. When it is dark outside, our melatonin levels rise and cause us to feel sleepy. That means we have to work harder to stay alert during the long periods of darkness each day. The arrival of spring brings more daylight, so we can enjoy the energy that is no longer needed to fight off drowsiness. The increased light also triggers the release of serotonin, a brain chemical that helps us feel happier. The rising temperature means we are more likely to be active, and as a result, we release endorphin, the hormone that minimizes pain and boosts mood. We also tend to socialize more. Studies have shown that positive social contact is closely linked to a sense of wellbeing. We tend to laugh more whether with friends or family. We release endorphin, and when we hug those we love, we release oxytocin, another mood-enhancing chemical. Although warmer temperatures help us feel happier and more content, the warmth does not necessarily allow us to think more clearly, at least until we adjust to the increased temperature. It seems spring gives us that crucial adjustment time to warmer temperatures that allows our brains to keep functioning at maximum capacity. Let us continue to embrace this magical season, whatever it holds for us – happiness, love or just a healthy dose of craziness! Goodbye winter blues and hello spring euphoria!


We have had such wonderful news lately - all that waiting and hoping and wisdom paying off! Yet another vaccine has been approved! However still vigilant, perhaps even extra vigilant (do not want to fall at the last hurdle), there is such reason for optimism.
But, oh, the cost of this pandemic. It has now been a little over a year since the pandemic struck with full force and the world started shutting down. What a shock it was as it took us all by surprise. While the virus was around months before, it exploded into our lives in March 2020. I think most of us, those not epidemiologists, believed the lockdown, the restrictions, the dread, would be short-lived. The danger would pass in weeks, maybe, maybe, months.
If someone had told us that we would still be at it a year later, well, I am not sure I would have believed it. In fact, I would have been horrified to know that, a little over a year on; millions would have died of the coronavirus worldwide. Those of us left behind wait, and hope. In addition, while some have succumbed to irrational, dangerous denial and behavior, most have risen to the occasion. Some have gone beyond, in acts of selflessness, of courage, of generosity.

The month of March has come and gone and it seems as if March 1st was just yesterday. As the temperatures start to get a bit warmer, the windows are open and the feel of spring is in the air. The trees are starting to slowly bloom and the birds have taken a stance of arguing to see who gets the feeder first. We have doves, cardinals and the usual catbirds that sing so beautifully. This year we have crackles and cowbirds that have decided to make our yard more colorful than usual. Our son got his fishing pole out and lined it making sure that his tackle box was fully stocked and ready for that first beautiful day. The schools in our area went back to full five day a week instructional learning. Jaiden is enjoying being back with his friends. Patrick got his first vaccination and other than a mild headache and sore arm from the shot, it went well. I myself am still recovering from a sciatic nerve issue that was brought on via a kidney stone. Made for an intense month but we made it through. While Jaiden and Patrick are looking forward to the opening of Baseball, watching the Cubbies and Reds play, I myself am looking forward to some downtime. The memories and moments of a slower gentler month of March will hold tight within us for a long time. After all, that’s what life is made up of, right? Moments and memories here and there that are striking enough for our brain to store and bring back out again from time to time. I don’t know about you, but before all this quarantine business, I wasn’t aware of those beautiful moments when they were happening, but because it feels like time has stood still in the last year I have found myself very aware of the moments that my brain is going to hold onto.

There is a saying...."Dwell on the beauty of life, watch the stars and see yourself running with them". Spring is here.....enjoy the beauty that this beautiful world has to offer. Stay safe.

With Love,

Did you know that the month of April gets its name from the Latin word aperio, meaning, "To open (bud)".

April is one of four months to have 30 days. April always begins the same day of the week as July and additionally, January in Leap Years.

-April 1st is All Fools Day-otherwise known as "April Fool’s Day".

-April 2nd is Good Friday

-April 4th is Easter Sunday-Did you know that Easter's date is related to the full moon.

-April 22nd is Earth Day

-April 30th is National Arbor Day

-The month of April also celebrates Sweet Potato Day, International Pillow Fight Day, National no housework day, Blah,Blah,Blah Day and National Sense of Smell Day.

-Full Moon is April 26th. It is known as the Pink Moon. It is one of two supermoons that will occur this year. A supermoon is a new or full moon that occurs around the same time as perigee (the point in the Moon’s orbit where it is closest to Earth). By this definition, there can be several supermoons in a year.

-There are two zodiac signs in April...Aries and Taurus. Taurus are sensual and tactile, considering touch and taste the most important of all senses.

-April flowers are the Daisy and Sweetpea. Daisies symbolize innocence and purity while Sweetpea flowers symbolize greetings and common kindnesses.

-April birthstone is the diamond. Diamonds are thought to provide the wearer with better relationships and an increase in inner strength. Wearing diamonds is purported to bring other benefits such as balance, clarity and abundance.

-The fourteenth annual World Autism Awareness Day is April 2, 2021.

Joined by the international community, hundreds of thousands of landmarks, buildings, homes and communities around the world come together on April 2, Autism Awareness Day, to Light it up Blue in recognition of people with autism and those who love and support them. Autism-friendly events and educational activities take place all month, aiming to increase understanding and acceptance of people with autism, foster worldwide support and inspire a kinder, more inclusive world.

Psychic Medium Within

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Tarot of the Month


The month of April creates an energy Spring and new beginnings. Now is the time to cultivate what you starting thinking about. Put it into action! With every action you will get a reaction. Try something new and exciting. The three cards pulled are for the 30 days. The first card being the first ten days, the second card being the next ten days, and the last card being the remaining ten days. (Cards are from Rider Waite deck)

1st Card: Nine of Pentacles:

A woman, with a bird upon her wrist, stands amidst a great abundance of grapevines in the garden of a great house. Divinatory Meanings: Prudence, safety, success, accomplishment, certitude, discernment. Roguery, deception, voided project, bad faith.

2nd Card: The Magician:

The Magician card is numbered One – the number of new beginnings and opportunities – and associates with the planet of Mercury. He stands with one arm stretched upwards towards the Universe, and the other pointing down to the earth. His positioning represents his connection between the spiritual realms and the material realms. The Magician uses this relationship to create and manifest his goals in the physical realm. He is the conduit that converts energy into matter. The Magician’s robe is white, symbolizing purity, and his cloak is red, representing worldly experience and knowledge. On the table in front of him are the four symbols of the Tarot suits – a cup, pentacle, sword, and wand – each symbolizing one of the four elements – water, earth, air, and fire. It is also a sign that he has all the tools (and elements) he needs to manifest his intentions into being. Above his head is the infinity symbol, and around his waist is a snake biting its own tail – both of which signal that he has access to unlimited potential. And in the foreground is an array of foliage and flowers, symbolizing the blossoming and fruition of his ideas and aspirations. Divination Meaning: Skill, diplomacy, address, sickness, pain, loss, disaster, self-confidence, will, the Querent himself (if male). Physician, Magus, mental illness, disgrace, disquiet.

3rd Card: The Moon:

The Moon card shows a full moon in the night’s sky, positioned between two large towers. The Moon is a symbol of intuition, dreams, and the unconscious. Its light is dim compared to the sun, and only slightly illuminates the path to higher consciousness winding between the two towers.

In the foreground is a small pool, representing the watery, subconscious mind. A small crayfish crawls out of the pool, symbolizing the early stages of consciousness unfolding. A dog and a wolf stand in the grassy field, howling at the moon, representing both the tamed and the wild aspects of our minds. Divination Meaning: Hidden enemies, danger, calumny, darkness, terror, deception, error. Instability, inconstancy, silence, lesser degrees of deception and error.

Questions and Counsel

Dear Katelyn,

What comes after shadow work?


Shadow work is consistent. There will always be parts of your shadow to uncover. The more you grow the more is revealed to you. We travel in the depths of our darkness to fully see ourselves. The emphasis is travel. We cannot stay there. We are not meant to stay there. We must still emerge back into our light.

Work with it, but don’t let it consume you.

That’s light work.



Spiritual Practices

We are living in uncertain times and while you have to respect social distancing, getting out into nature for a bit can put you at ease, nurture your soul, expand your consciousness, and help you become more balanced while working from home. Moments in which you are surrounded by nature’s beauty are sacred moments—ones that we can appreciate now more than ever. Whether a trip into a wilderness, a forest where the sun is filtered by the trees, a red-rock desert, or the landscape of a secluded ocean beach, you are welcomed and awaken to something extraordinary, not only to that which is before you but that which is within you.

Science tells us if you want to grow smarter, walk in nature. It has been found that when people take a nature walk, they show a 20 percent improvement in mental performance but showed no improvement when they returned from urban walks. While science remains focused on examining the brain’s potentials for the sake of productivity, mystics, shamans, and poets teach us about the human spirit. Their words about nature offer us a more transcendent view of the relationship between ourselves and nature.

Along with the words of mystics, whose consciousness has touched the sacredness of nature, here are some practices to make your experience in nature truly enlightening:

Attune to Nature’s Power

Nature transmits energies that seem to take the weight of the world off your shoulders while bolstering your consciousness. Nature’s power is creatively bursting forth with color and invisible vibrations that first awaken you and then subtly and by increments bring your mind, body, and soul back into balance. As you sit or walk in nature, acclimatize by breathing in the vibrations through your heart—see for yourself how much more alive you feel!

Feast on the Beauty....

The intrinsic beauty of nature is surely something to marvel at, absorb, and appreciate. As your eyes grow wider, after having cleared away cobwebs that obscured your view, you notice that colors are intensified, and the symmetry of landscapes is more defined. Appreciation brings you an even more powerful perspective as your heart embraces what your eyes can only see. Practice appreciation by blessing the trees, every flower, and blade of grass at your feet and they will reveal even more of their secrets.

On your walk through the park, rather than forging your own path or following a well-treaded trail, let the rustling wind or the call of a bird guide you in another direction. Nature will beckon you forward to explore her mysteries in hidden places where you might stumble across something most would not have the opportunity to see. As you surrender your will to the call of nature, the natural world becomes your guide, nurturer, and teacher.

Native Americans believe the rocks, trees, and flora contain the spirits of ancestors and the “relations” they call the animal spirits. From a shaman’s perspective, the rocks talk, the trees sing, and the ground tugs at your feet. While wandering through a nature preserve, the spirits come out to greet as well as to guide and teach you about your soulful connection to the natural world. Once the veil has been lifted from your eyes, you may notice an ancient ancestor’s face seemingly carved out in the bark of a tree. You may find a rock in the shape of an animal or a larger geological feature that resembles an animal sentinel placed by the Creator to oversee the workings of nature. Sit beneath such a tree or rock formation, close your eyes, and feel the spirits that surround you. They will humble you with a profound sense of oneness and love.

Read the Signs and Recognize Metaphors....

The answers to the deepest questions can be found in the metaphors of nature. A tree with two trunks twisting upwards mentions you and your lover in a fond embrace, a heart-shaped rock sparks the dawning realization that it is love that binds everything and a squirrel busily collecting acorns may remind you to gather your own resources. More than just the product of your imagination, these are metaphoric synchronicities woven into the experience by your dreaming mind. You will witness how you and nature co-create an experience of profound meaning. You and nature are poetry in motion as you make your way gathering the messages to the deeper meaning of your existence. Look for signs everywhere you step and mull over the interpretation until the message becomes crystal clear.

On your walk, nature may bestow a gift. A feather dropped from a flicker, a smooth pebble from a stream that fits perfectly in the palm of your hand, a twisted branch you can use as a walking stick or as a prayer stick that you can decorate with feathers and yarn can become one of your most sacred objects. Indigenous elders teach us that sacred objects hold the power and spirit of nature within them. They refer to crystals, stones, claws, and sticks as medicine objects, some of which are carried around in a pouch. Symbolically, the gift nature bestows binds your heart to your experience in nature and reminds you always that you hold a piece of nature’s mystery in you forever. Honor it.


Angel Orion? Never heard of him. It is pretty normal if you have not heard of him because many people have not. He is a new angel in the angelic realm who sits with the rest of the archangels. His abilities extend to healing individuals and helping them discover their full potential.

Channeling Angel Orion

Like other archangels, he is specialized in certain fields, but that does not limit his capabilities to answer your prayers and help you in other areas. Therefore, if you need help or if you need guidance, you can always call upon him, and he will answer your prayers in ways that will benefit you in the short and long run.

To connect with Angel Orion will give you a feeling of being healed. The effect of the healing process will be witnessed by your mind and soul immediately. You will feel at ease, and your mind will be empty which will give you a feeling of peace. The peace is the prayers that Orion is providing you with.

He also helps you discover your full potential in different areas of expertise.

How to connect with Orion?

The first thing that you need to do before communicating with any archangel is to cleanse your mind and soul of any negativity that occupies you. You need to be sure that when you are asking for help or assistance from the angels, you do not have any bad intention to hurt anyone else and that your heart is pure. Once this is assured, you can make your prayer.

You need to focus on your prayer and let nothing else distract you. Make sure that your mind is clear of everything else except for the prayer you want to make.

Lighting dark blue candles in the area where you are making the prayer is a good remedy to ensure good communication with angel Orion. His aura is blue. Therefore, any blue crystals would also be a great substitute for candles.

Once you have made your prayer, thank him for his help and assistance in helping you out in your life and end your prayer.



-“Happiness, if done right, is a kind of holiness”

-Mary Oliver

Intentionally smiling can be part of your spiritual practice.

I recently played a word association game with my now 14 year old as we were riding home from school. As we used different forms of word association I would say one thing and my son would associate it with another. The last thing I said was “smile,” and he said “happy.” After a few moments, I reflected on the association we often make between smiling and happiness. As my son's response indicated, when we see someone smiling, we tend to assume they’re happy. Being happy, we think, comes first: People feel happy and then they smile. But can it work the other way around: people smile and then they’re happy? Both scientific evidence and personal experience support this idea.

Science tells us that a smile has the power to not only impact you but also the people around you in positive ways. One study used MRI technology to investigate ways in which facial actions can initiate particular emotions. When people are asked to use the muscles in their face to show such emotions as fear, anger, disgust, sadness, and happiness, they actually experience elements of the corresponding emotion. This is due to the fact that the muscles in your face let your brain know that you’re smiling. Your brain then generates the chemicals that make you feel happy.

Perhaps you don’t need research to tell you that smiling can make you feel happy. Perhaps you’ve experienced it personally. I know I have. I first learned about the power of the smile during a work seminar several years ago. At one point during the seminar, we were invited to silently think of certain mantras during our in and out breaths. The mantras consisted of four sets of words: “in-out, slow-deep, smile-relax, present moment-beautiful moment.”

I readily accepted the relevance of the other three sets, but “smile-relax” seemed somewhat out of place. I was looking for depth that would copy a meditation practice, not enjoyment and relaxation. After following the directions, however, I soon discovered deeper meanings to the smile-relax mantra. I discovered, too, that just thinking about this mantra brought a smile to my face. And with that smile, I felt a sense of happiness.

I’ve since adopted smiling as a spiritual practice for responding to frustration, pain, and discomfort. While this practice helps me appreciate the power of smiling for diffusing stress and promoting happiness, it’s also taught me something about the deeper meaning of the ups and downs of life. Feeling happy when things go our way is easy, but smiling when things get tough can be a challenge. Doing so, however, helps me move beyond the labeling of events as good or bad to a spiritual reality that enriches my experience of life.

I’ve discovered the power of the smile in some surprising ways. Recently, my first reaction to cutting my finger was to focus on the pain and inconvenience this caused me. But even before reaching for a bandage, I remembered to smile. My focus switched immediately to healing versus pain. Yes, the pain and inconvenience were still there, but I was more attuned to the healing that I would soon experience than the short-lived pain of a simple cut on my finger.

I’ve read that “it’s in your blood” to smile and that the act of smiling promotes healthier functioning of our immune system. Researchers examining this phenomenon tell us that a daily dose of smiling can promote our physical well-being.

But the power of the smile is more than a personal thing. It can extend to people around you, as well. We might think of this as the ripple effect.

Try this. Walk into a room and greet people with a smile. Then watch what happens. Typically, other people in the room will return your greeting with a smile on their face. You smile, they smile, and everyone feels a touch of happiness.

But is a smile appropriate in today’s troubled world? This question stops me in my tracks. I wonder, “Is it OK to be happy in a world filled with greed, environmental destruction, and other forms of violence?"

I then recall Mary Oliver’s words: “Happiness, if done right, is a kind of holiness.” Yes, it’s OK to smile -- even necessary to do so. Just as smiling helps me stay physically balanced during my day at work, so smiling during times of anxiety helps me stay emotionally and spiritually balanced. And I believe this, too, has a ripple effect.

Happiness, if done right, isn’t selfish. While smiling can generate individual happiness, it also spreads joy to others and, interestingly, broadcasts a cooperative disposition. What could be more effective in healing social wounds than cooperation? With this in mind, I’ve come to appreciate smiling as one of the most nonviolent forms of communication.

Smiling, alone, will not save the world. It can, however, make the world a more pleasant and peaceful place to live.

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