Hiring Graphic Artist

For Logo Design

Job Description

This position requires a Logo Designer, who is responsible for

  • The conceptualizing, innovating and making of a logo that is able to represent our clients company.
  • Gathering all the information that he needs from the client that avails his artistic abilities in order to achieve the formation of a logo that will be easily associated to the company that it signifies.
  • Developing various forms of a logo design in order to be able to offer to the client so he has the ability to choose the design that he wants for the company.
  • Creating alternatives of the logo chosen on the context for different media that is used by the company until the final design is considered and taken as the symbol that stands for the company.

Must have's

Talent, originality, strong visual sense.

Good judgment in applying the elements of visual communication such as contrast, scale, color, pacing, and typography.

Strong computer skills necessary to produce and implement your solutions.

Professional knowledge of QuarkXpress, Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Acrobat, Dreamweaver, and Flash.

Willingness to constantly work to expand your technical skills and stay on top of new developments.

Good listener and a good verbal communicator, who confident to present and explain ideas to clients in a professional manner


Bachelor's degree in Graphic Design necessary




San Jose, California