The black rhino has gone extinct

By Tanner Love

what is the difference between the black rhino and a normal rhino

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More Facts About The Black Rhino

The black rhino eats leaves and fruit because it is a herbivore ,Its weight Is 2976 lb and its size was 1.6m, Its habitat is the savannas the specifically lived in bostswana,knnya,and mayawi, the enemies for the black rhino are cheetahs and panthers,the defense mechanisms are that he uses his horn.The scientific name for the rhino is diceros bicornis, it moves like a dog two steps forward. The scientific name for the black rhino is Diceros bicornis.

What killed the Black Rhino

Mass extinction is what killed the black rhinos and what mass extinction is that when that peridos in the the earths history that groups of animals die off
Baby Rhino Cage Fail
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