Why it's the best idea

Capitalism is the better way to go!

There are 2 different ideas on how to live, there is Capitalism and Communism/Socialism. This poster will discuss why the better way to go is Capitalism.

Our country was built on hard work and determination. Through the years, immigrants and settlers have worked from the bottom up and spent their whole lives building an empire for their children and in turn their children. The founding fathers of our nation spent years fighting for independence and then building our nation. Businesses have risen and fallen with the economy and some people have chosen to go above and work and fight for a place in this world. There are no handouts in this world, if you want something you have to earn it and work hard for it. Doctors spend YEARS in college so they can become a person with a good job and a good source of pay. All that hard work payed off when the get a great job or start their own and are able to make enough money to take care of themselves and their family. But, there are also the people who do nothing and have to pay the price for that. For example, a person drops out of high school because they don't want to do work. They also don't want a job because it's too "hard" so they stay with their parents and do nothing. These are two different types of people. Do you think the one who didn't work hard should get the same amount of pay and reward and the doctor who spent years in school and got good grades so they could go somewhere? Should hard work be met with the same amount of money as a person who didn't do anything? How would you feel if you went to work now and got your pay check and realized it's the same one a person who doesn't do as much work as you, or isn't as experienced in anything as you. How would you feel? Is that really fair? Our hard earned money and taxes are just going to go to people who don't do anything. Lawyers, doctors, business owners, accountants, and everyone who has worked through school so they could do something, are they going to settle for the same pay and reward as a person working at a fast food restaurant serving people half a day. No! Hard work should be met with reward and no work should be left with no reward.