skeletal system

the skeletal system

the skeletal system is the system involved with support, movement, protection, blood cell production, calcium storage and endocrine regulation

long bone

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functions in movement.

  • bones: act as points of attachment for muscles, and support the body
  • ligaments: connects bones together and helps keep then stable.
  • muscle: allow the body to move
  • nerves: send to messages to the muscles to move.

labeled skeleton

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in osteoporosis, bone mineral density decreases, and bones loose their strength. there may be no symptoms, but people may have bone fracture or loss of heigh, or pain in the back. more than 3 million people get it a year in the U.S.. it cannot be cured but can be managed with medication or lifestyle changes.


in rickets, deficiency of calcium, vitamin D and phosphate make bones soften and become weak losing their normal shape. symptoms include but are not limited to bone pain, bone tenderness, or bones breaking easily. about 1.4 % of of people between 1-15 years of age have rickets. rickets can be treated by replacing the lost item through your diet or medication.