Me oh maya

jon scieszka

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Brandon cortez

protagonist and antaganis

Protagonist:The protagonist of this story is Joe,Fred,and Sam because they were not no harm to any one.

Antaganis:The antaginis in this story is the mayas because they said that Sam,Fred,and Joe iterupted the mayas game and the high priest left them tied to a tree with know one.

4 facts

1.The chichen itza was voted asone of the worlds new seven wondrers.

2.Chichen itza is a UNESCO worlds haritage site since 1988.

3.It is believed at chichen itza was an important piligrimage place for the mayas.

4.All the buildings at chichen itza are made out of stone.

plot outline

Exposition:charecters Fred,Sam,Joe setting chick'en Itz'a.

TE:Im the high priest of chick'en itza pg 03.

Rising action:The problem is that Fred,Sam,and Joe cant find the book to come to there own time zone.

TE:Tell them we just need to go get the book ,and get out of here said Sam pg 04.

Climax:The priest has book is kind of like there book but there stile of books.

TE:We had a deal Fred made a move to grab the book pg 29.

Falling action:Sam,Fred,and Joe asked for the high priest book for they can go home to brooklyn.

TE:All i ask is that you that you give us the high priest book pg 59.
Resolution:Jun's mom pointed to to one of the priest and said go and sprinted down ninty-one steps and they got the high priest book and sapped them self home.

TE:He held out the high priest book and said peepuh ub chich'en itz'a dang you fo dur hep pg 59.


This story is man vs machine because they lost there book and they try to find it through the whole town to look for the book to sap them back to their time and place so they start looking and from the help of a kid named Jun and his mom Jun's mom told Sam,Joe,and Fred where the book it was at and they avechaly found the b ook and whet home


Theme the leason i learned that was to be careful with the tings you toch because you might do some thing or break it.

TE:before we got warped here some one was not being careful with the book pg 03.

Lost Temples: Mayan Pyramids of Chichen Itza