Happy 31 Anniversary!

Sara Wilson- February 3rd 2012

Marni Vonderheide- February 16th 2013




Kendra Goerlitz- $2,106.00 (WOW, BUNCO BONANZA!)

Abby Taylor- $1,000

Sara Wilson- $868.00


Tayloring the Party to your Crowd

We live in a BUSY world. Women are out and about rushing around doing this and that and sometimes feel there is no time to party. Because of this, Facebook parties are becoming a new, great option for us as consultants and for the hostess. Have you tried one yet?

I recently had a party with my sister-in-law as the hostess. She is from Arkansas and has friends all across the country (and she is a mama to 2 young children) so this was a GREAT option for her. I was able to lounge in my jammies and upload posts and info for about an hour and the party was a great success! It was also a great way to introduce Thirty-One to homes across the country- a few of the ladies that partied that night had never even heard of our company!

So, would you like to give it a try but you're not sure where to start? I'm a step ahead of you ladies! I have posted in the files and photos of our team FB page everything that I used when I did my party. Tweak this to make it your own and make sure and update it with the current specials and products.

To encourage people to attend your first FB party, you could make it a mystery hostess party. This is where you draw names from those that attend (or place an order) and either give them all the hostess rewards for the night or split the rewards among multiple customers. I'd love to hear your successes in these. Good luck ladies!