Romeo And Juliet

Act 2 Summaries

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Act 2 Scene 1

Romeo Mercutio and benvolio are leaving the party. Romeo ditches Mercutio Benvolio to go see Juliet. Mercutio Benvolio begin looking for Romeo. Mercutio teases Romeo for his lovesickness for Rosaline. They haven't figured out the Romeo is in love with Juliet. There is a ton of sexual references in the scene.
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Act 2 Scene 2

It starts with Romeo comparing her to the sun and stars while he listens to her confess her love for him. After he hears her confess, he actually reveals himself and asks to marry her. Romeo is creeping on Juliet and is talking himself, and thinks to himself if he should speak up. Romeo doesn't chicken out and speaks up, and scares the crap out of Juliet. They talk about how they should not be together, because of their last names. They start flirting and then the nurse calls Juliet and she has to leave.
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Act 2 Scene 3

Romeo and Friar Lawrence talk about what he did the night before. Friar asks him if he was with Rosaline. He replies by saying no and that he forgot about her. The Friar asks who he is talking about, and when he finds out its Juliet he kinda freaks out, and says young men love with their eyes not their hearts. Romeo then convinces Friar to marry the two secretly.
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Act 2 Scene 4

The next scene Romeo doesn't return home and Benvolio and Mercutio started to talk bad about Rosaline. Tybalt then challenges Romeo to a duel but Mercutio thinks that he is already dead. When Romeo gets home his friends start to make fun of him. Also Romeo tells the nurse to tell Juliet to go to confession so that they can get married. The nurse is getting angry when she shows up cause she is trying to talk to Romeo and everyone else is responding.
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Act 2 Scene 5

When the nurse returns with the new, Juliet starts freaking out because she wants to know what Romeo had to say. The nurse teases her. The nurse says oh my aching back! Juliet keeps bugging her, trying to get her to spill the news. The nurse says oh i'm out of breath, ill tell you later. Juliet says “How can you be out of breath when you have enough breath to tell me your out of breath!”
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Act 2 Scene 6

Romeo and Friar are talking and, Friar says, too much honey is delicious, but it makes you sick to your stomach. Therefore, love each other in moderation. This is while they are waiting for Juliet, to have the wedding. They then get married.