Ms. D's Kindergarten Newsletter

Week 27

Important Upcoming Dates

  • Friday, March 25th-April 3rd- Spring Break
  • April 4th- First Day back to school
  • April 11th- Home Reading Program Starts
  • April 13th- Kindergarten Graduation Photo's
  • May 23rd- No School
  • May 30th- Field Trip to Fire Hall
  • June 23rd- Kindergarten Graduation- Details to follow closer to day!
  • Important Information:

    • Letter of the week: This week we learned the letter "Jj!" Students engaged in multiple activities this week to guide them in their learning of this letter. After spring break we will be reviewing a letter a day!

    • Reading: We are continuing to talk daily about the importance of recognizing our letters as well as knowing what sounds letters make. We have also been talking about the three ways we can figure out what a word says. 1) Visual- using the picture to help us 2) Meaning- does it make sense? 3) Structure- looking at the letters in the word and sounding them out.

    • Home reading program: We will officially be starting this April 11th! I will be sending home information on my home reading program the first week back from spring break :)

    • Numeracy: In kindergarten we are always talking about numbers, especially numbers from 1-10. This week we started taking a in depth look at the number five. We looked at: how to write the number five, how it looks in numerals, how it looks in a ten frame, what number comes before as well as what number comes after it. Next week we will be looking in depth at the number six.

    • Belonging: One of the outcomes in social studies is "belonging." We have finished our books and the students have brought them home to share with you!

    • Kindergarten Graduation: This special day has been set for June 23rd! Details will be shared closer to day (as mentioned previously)

    Table Talk

    This is where I share a few things that we have been learning this week, great discussion for at the dinner table (hence “Table Talk”)!

    1) This week we were introduced to a new letter (Jj). Students learned the letter's proper printing formation for writing it as well as the sound that the letter makes. Ask your child to show you the following things: "air" write with their finger a J, show the action for the letter J (both arms moving up and down to pretend we are juggling!) as well as tell you the sound the letter J makes.

    2) This week as mentioned earlier, we looked at the number five in depth. Ask your child to show you the following things: the number five on their fingers and tell you what number comes before and after it.

    Have a great weekend!