A Brief Conflict

The Beginning of the Chaos

There are certain actions that the Lamar Administration have been concocting that has made Mexican leaders angry. These Mexican leaders have decided to launch raids into Texas because of these actions. During the spring of 1842, Mexican General Rafael Vasquez and his men entered Texas. Vasquez's 700 men and himself attacked Goliad, Refugio, San Antonio, and Victoria. Vasquez however, soon retreated back to Mexico. Many Texans started to fear attacks and panic. Sam Houston himself has started to fear an attack on our beautiful capital, Austin. He has demanded the government archives (aka records) be moved out of Austin.

The Invasion

The Morning of September 1842

During the morning of September 1842, Mexico invaded Texas once again Mexican General Adrian Woll led 1,400 soldiers and captured San Antonio. We interviewed Texas citizen Samuel Maverick about the morning invasion and asked him to describe the morning invasion. He quoted this from " The Memoirs of Mary A. Maverick", " We were aroused... by the firing of a... cannon... succeeded immediately by the... tramp of body of men. A dense fog obscured them from actual observation until they had advanced into the public square... when the fog dissipated discovering to us that we were surrounded on all sides by the bodies of regular troops." Hundreds of Texas militia and Rangers made their way to San Antonio. Finally, the Mexican troops retreated, taking captives with them.