Roberts Creek News

February 1st- February 5th 2016

Thank you for your participation in Literacy Week!

RCCES enjoyed a wonderful Literacy Week. Students read fiction and non-fiction, wrote poetry and prose, were read to by different teachers and talked about authors and literature. Families were connected by helping their children with READO activities, helping to read and write poems, reading with their children at home, participating in the Roberts Creek Read-in, and helping with costume ideas.

Thank you for continuing to foster the joy of reading with your child.

Shift Education (Askable Adult) Tuesday, February 9th 7:00 PM Davis Bay Elementary School

Talking to kids about sexuality and reproduction can be difficult. Build your skills and comfort in this 2 hour interactive workshop!

This workshop will be delivered by Jessica Wollen, a teacher and Certified Sexual Health educator.

Roberts Creek Community Elementary School