Mrs. Barbara Abell

Bonjour Parents et Étudiants:

Spring is officially here, and we are feeling a little warm-up outside. We are also close to Spring Break for Georgia Virtual School. Remember that March 27 is a due date. Also, the dates for Spring Break are April 6 - 10. If your school has different dates for the break, your assignments are still due according to the schedule posted in the course.
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Students, please take advantage of the Resources that are on the Homepage. They include helpful information to supplement and enhance the assignments in the Content.

A Resource for Project 9 has just been added.

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Meet with us LIVE

I cannot serve café au lait and croissants, but you may bring your own. Come on Wednesdays (new day) at 5pm and join us for an hour as we answer questions about the course, talk about things French (do you know about the "love locks in Paris?) and share our progress in learning French. At least pop in and see what is going on. If you cannot stay the whole time, that's fine.


Please do this the first thing every day when you log into the course: read the Bulletin Boards and the NEWS. Special events, content explanations, new assignments and assignment and schedule changes are posted there. Right now there are examples of excellent student projects posted to help you as you design your own.

Frequently students have questions about items in the course. If these affect the whole class, notifications will be posted in one, or both, of these places. If something is important and will affect your progress and grade, it will be there. Make sure to read the Bulletin Boards and NEWS, before it is too late.

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Every school has its own type of computers made available for students to use. Students who work at home have different kinds of computers. On a MAC, an easy set of key strokes will type accented letters in quizzes and tests. On PC's a different set of key strokes may work. Computers have International Keyboards that you can access to type in tests. I am putting the letters in the Hints box for every question that requires answers typed with accents. You should be able to copy and paste, those because they are in the test. Sometimes this requires CTRL C to copy and CTRL V to paste.

What do you need to do now? Since the quizzes are not graded, go into a quiz with this type of question (fill-in-the-blank) and try the various methods described in the Resource for Accents document.

If your particular computer does not give you access to one of these methods, I have given another where you type the word and then say the letter that has an accent. Of course, these will be graded by hand by me since BrightSpace (new name for D2L) will not grade them correctly.

Do you have to refer back to this Newsletter every time you need to see this information? No, there is a document in Resources on the Homepage with all of this information.

Aha...if you have read the Bulletin Board and NEWS today, you already know this.

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A Resource For Projet 9 has been posted on the Homepage.

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