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May 2023

The CASY office will be closed on

Monday, May 29th

in observance of Memorial Day

Get Connected to Free Pregnancy and Infant Support in Indiana

My Healthy Baby is here to connect you to a local family support provider for one-on-one guidance during your pregnancy and after your baby is born. This free service from a caring, supportive professional in your own community will be a great addition to the guidance you might already get from family and friends. Get started here.

Why Your Newborn Needs a Vitamin K Shot

There's a lot going on when your baby is first born. They're weighed and measured. Their noses are suctioned out and their vital signs are tested. They may have ointment or drops put in their eyes. They get a complete checkup by your pediatrician.

Most newborns get their first hepatitis B vaccine in the hospital. They also routinely get a vitamin K shot.

But what exactly is vitamin K, and do newborns really need it? Read on to learn more.

A Word on Wipes

Although we haven't officially counted, there have to be about as many brands and types of baby wipes as there are tennis shoes—environmentally friendly, all-natural, scented and unscented, with aloe and without it, in round containers, in refillable rectangular containers, and in reusable or disposable travel packs. And while they may cost only a few cents a wipe if you don't go for the top of the line or opt for fancy packaging, the cost can still add up.

Here are a some points to consider when buying and using baby wipe.

Structure and Routine During Summer Break

Just like adults, kids need consistency and structure to thrive. This Parenting Tip has some ideas for how parents can reinforce structure and routine and keep stress levels low by creating a summer routine of your own. Click here for more.

Exploring Germination: Growing Beans in a Bag

Here’s an activity to get kids excited for spring! With just a Ziploc bag, a few dried beans, a paper towel, and a dose of patience children can observe the wonder of nature’s new growth.

Summer Sips

Drinks such as soda and juice with added sugar are unhealthy for young children. They can also cause weight gain, obesity, and cavities. In the early years, it can lead to unhealthy cravings as kids grow. Quick changes in blood sugar can also cause mood changes. The good news is, it can be fun and easy to get kids to drink more water.

Share the story below with children, then try one of the recipes for “fruity water” from the story (or invite kids to get creative and invent their own). Find more ideas here!

How does school breakfast impact children's nutrition?

Hand and Finger Skills: 1 Year Olds

Given all the large motor skills your one-year-old is mastering, it’s easy to overlook the more subtle changes in her ability to use her hands, both alone and in coordination with her eyes. These developments will allow her much more control and precision as she examines objects and tries new movements. They also will greatly expand her ability to explore and learn about the world around her. Learn more here.

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Supporting the whole family

Families, teachers and children are better together. That’s why the Child Care Resource and Referral Network is proud to serve as a navigator for families, expertly assisting them in finding high-quality child care and connecting them with additional opportunities to meet their needs.

Is your family struggling to make ends meet? Could you or someone you know use assistance with paying for utilities, accessing a food pantry, or connecting to job training or employment services? Call 800-886-3952, ext 2. to learn more!

For personalized support in finding a child care program that best meets your family's needs,

contact CASY, Child Care Resource and Referral, Family Engagement Specialists

at 800-886-3952 and choose option 2.

You can also complete the referral request form by clicking here.

Our Family Engagement Specialists will follow up with you by the next business day when you submit the online form.

Click below to find your county's CCDF Eligibility Office