The Islamic Faith

Kyle Wick

Islamic Symbol

Founder of the Islamic Faith: Muhammad

Founded around 622 C.E.

Places where the Islamic Faith is Practiced

Some Practices of the Islamic Faith:

  1. Praying
  2. Animal Sacrifice
  3. Pilgrimage

Building of Worship: Mosque

Bible of Islam: Qur'an

Issues of The Islamic Faith

  • Abortion
  • Marriage


Abortion is not directly mentioned in the Qur'an, but it does condemn killing (except in the case of defense or capital punishment). Abortion use to be permitted, but only up to day 40 of pregnancy, and sometimes day 120


Islam is a strong advocate of marriage. It is considered a moral safeguard and a social necessity. The groom must gift his bride during marriage.

Gay marriage or any type of homosexuality is not only considered a sin, but a crime under Islamic Law.

In the event of a problem in a marriage, a man may divorce his wife. He cannot divorce her for no reason.