Alpine biome

by Sama and Cindy

Alpine's location

Alpine biomes are found 10 000 meters high in the mountains. Alpine biomes are found all over the world mostly in cold places. For example the Himalayas mountains is in the south West of China in Yannan

Alpine climate

The weather in winter is bellow freezing cold and in summer it is 15 Degree Celsius. As you can see it rains in March all the way to December and from January to April it is mostly dry
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The plants are very important and unique because they can live on rocky sandy soil. They are important so there is oxygen so animals and humans can breath. They are also very majestic.


These animals have the ability to adapt in the cold. They either grow lots of fur or they have a lot of fat in their body

Longitude and latitude

The latitude of Yannan in China is24.109211 and the longitude is 106.665800
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