plant trees to help make better air

(and plants)


we need more trees because trees make better oxygen, and we need better oxygen because our air has become really polluted. the cycle goes form radiant to chemical, so that the plants can make their own food, this is called photosynthesis, a more detailed process is the plant takes in radiant light, carbon dioxide, and water, and it makes glucose for it to eat, and oxygen for us to breath. this might look like a lot but the formula to photosynthesis is 6 co2+6 h2o+radiant energy=c6h12o6+6 o2. plants get their energy from glucose that they make with photosynthesis. chloroplasts are things that make the plant green. plants are important to animals because animals can use plants for food and sometimes even shelter. plants are at the bottom of the food chain because they cant consume anything besides what they make with photosynthesis.