The Text Stucture Tribune Abbey Lewandowski Date-May 2015

What Is Perseverance?

What is the definition of perseverance? Is it going out of your way to help others or staying on task when everyone else is a wreck? The definition of perseverance is achieving a goal while facing many adversity or challenges. What do you persevere through? Maybe some of these stories could help you in the long run.

Deep In The Heart


Winston Churchill inspired people. He gave empathy for those who needed it most. He gave hope to those that didn't have any. He taught others to never give up. Some doubted him but he couldn't have cared less. He did what he felt he needed to do to keep him and his country strong. Winston was born on November 30, 1874. Ever since he was young he had always showed perseverance. He wanted to do things to help the people around him and not always to benefit himself. He was also very smart. Who else would have gone with their gut when a war occurred without constructing others first? Lastly he adapted to being a writer. Winston wrote many books about many things, including war. Winston was born at his Grandfather's house in England. His parents were very wealthy and because of that he spent much of his life with his nanny. Winston was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1953 for his six volume history of World War two. "It's fine to celebrate success but it is more important to heed the lessons of failure." -Bill Gates

All Of The Losses Add Up To A Win


The teenage girls at Carroll Academy don't know what it is like to "live the high life." The girls at Carroll Academy were great kids or at least had the potential to be amazing kids. Their parents influenced their lives and turned them to the bad side. They took every other kids rituals and crumpled them. These girls couldn't help how they were raised. It is the responsibility of the parents to teach their kids right from wrong. But they cant help their kids learn the ways of life while being addicted to drugs or alcohol. To help the kids learn the ways of life without being abused or beat they went to Carroll Academy. These girls can engage in physical activity and make new friends to help them forget about their home lives. Carroll Academy takes their life from good to bad instead of just staying bad. Carroll Academy does not offer the kids to stay over night so they have to go back to their abusive families which may change them back from what the Academy did. All in all Carroll Academy is a great program that gives these kids a better life when they normally wouldn't have a good one.

Lifting Your Childhood


They may have had a hard childhood with abusive parents but that didn't stop them. The resilient Dartanyon Crockett and Leroy Sutton are similar and different in many ways. Both of them wrestled in high school in fact they were even together! But the similarities continue they had a very hard and rough road as children. Lisa Fenn literally adopted them, she was like another mother. Obviously they care about each other. Dartanyon competed in the 2012 summer Paralympics and got a bronze medal in Judo. He is legally blind and member of Team USA. Lastly he was crowned world champion for Judo in 2014. Leroy got ran over by a train at age 11 and lost both of his legs. With that disability he is the Ohio state record holder for bench press. He lifted 315 pounds! The thought that he does it for recreation is insane! Leroy also competed for the Paralympics for power lifting. Finally he graduated from Collins College in August of 2013. Dartanyon and Leroy will always be different but also the same in many ways.

Livin The Highlife

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Baseball or Dignity

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From The Beginning To The End

Without perseverance nobody would get anywhere in this world. Some adversities that all of us have to face are small others are major. Think about the adversities that you face. What can you apply from these stories to your lives. Think about what they had to face versus you.