Classroom Apps

With Chome

Here we will look at five different apps that can be applied to k-12 classrooms using google chrome
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Read With Me

This educational app allows for teachers and students work together to interactively get excited about reading designed to help K-12 students prepare for ongoing reading through their whole lives!
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Here you can learn and explore languages completely free and without adds using scientifically proven methods of learning and memorization.
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ClassSend lets students interact and engage with their teacher’s document camera-based lessons online.
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Learn over 5,000 math and science concepts at your own pace and in your own style! Allowing teachers and students to connect globally in their own personal learning way.
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Letting students study and learn anything anywhere, Quizlet features over 50,000,000 study sets and 6 different study modes that can adapt to all different styles of learners.