Time Capsule

American Culture in the 1950's-2000's

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The Value of Progress:

Through time progress has been defined as the development of the human population in complexity and technology that advance us as a society.

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The nineteen fifties were defined by change in technology and economy. The cold war and the red scare are very important in the fifties and impacted America's foreign policy. The fifties were the decade of the baby boomers, one of the most influential groups ever born.
The Value of Enterprise:

The American Enterprise value is more valued by the older generations in America because it's an idea that dates back further than the ideal of social equality which the younger generations strongly value. However you can still see the social enterprise trend in the catchy slogans and such in the media.


Made up of music, the disco era. Civil rights movement was growing and spilling into activities like sports. (ex: Jackie Robinson) Rise of the environmental movement, coming from the social campaigns of the 60's. The computer revolution began with the founding of apple and Microsoft. The introduction of video games for leisure as technology advanced with the first games "Pong" and "Atari".
The Value of Equal Opportunity:

Equal opportunity is usually not very popular with the older generations but as the younger generations grow more opinionated and aware there is a push for reform and change. Equal opportunity in America still has a long way to go because of the deep rooted racism and prejudice in our society.


The OJ Simpson trial ruled him not guilty and the racial split in opinion over whether he was guilty or not showed the still divided american society. The issue of police brutality also arose with clear evidence shown in the media. Technology exploded with the popularity of the internet since it was now commercially available to citizens.