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Setting up K12 Accounts

Since you've been accepted into OVS, the Learning Coach will receive the Registration Email to complete the Learning Coach and student(s) account setup process. This email contains all of the information needed to complete the Account Setup process which will provide access to the Online School!

Please note: If you have not received a Registration email and it has been more than 48 hours since your student’s approval, please check your SPAM folder as it may have been directed automatically.

  • The email will be sent from Registration@k12.com to the email address assigned to the person designated as the Learning Coach. This information was provided during the Enrollment Process on the student’s application.
  • The subject line format will look like this: [Learning Coach’s Last Name] Family, “Welcome and Important Next Step”

How to Set up K12 Accounts

Click here to watch a video on how to setup K12 accounts.

K12 Materials and Shipping

Please note that you must log into the Learning Coach account to access My Info.

  1. Login to the Online School using the Learning Coach's account credentials
  2. Click the Learning Coach’s name (located on the top -right corner of the screen)
  3. Click My Info on the drop-down menu
  4. Click the Student's name
  5. Click the Orders tab to see a list of all material orders
  6. Select the Order Number that you would like to view
  7. Scroll down to "Course Materials" to view a summary of your order; this includes a list of the materials provided for each course, the kit name/SKU number, the order status, tracking information, etc
  8. Click the Tracking Number to view the shipping status
  9. Click the arrow to see the items provided in each course kit

Other Key Information

  • No Materials -- indicates that all materials needed for the course are online and you will not receive a materials shipment for this course.

  • Shipped Previously (instead of Shipped) -- indicates that the materials were shipped earlier in the year or possibly during the previous school year and that you should already have what is needed. If you returned the materials or missing any of the items, please contact K12 Customer Support for assistance.

What Materials Can I Write In?

Families receive both consumable (workbooks, teacher guides, student guides) and non-consumable materials (textbooks, novels, classic children's books). Students and Learning Coaches are encouraged to write in the consumable materials; however, non-consumable books will be returned at the end of the school year.

Please care for the non-consumable books as you would a library book. Please do not write in these books as they will be sent to another student when you have completed your course.

How do I know which books are non-consumable and will be returned?

By accessing My Info from within the Online School, you can view a list of all materials which identifies the items can be written in versus which items will need to be returned once the course and/or School Year has ended.

Please note that you must be logged in to the Learning Coach account for access to My Info.

  1. Log into the Online School using the Learning Coach's username and password
  2. Click on the Learning Coach’s Name, located on the right - hand side of the Learning Coach Homepage

  1. Click My Info in the drop down menu
  2. Select your Student's Name
  3. Click the Orders tab to see a list of all material orders for your student
  4. Click on the Order Number that you would like to view (orders for the current school year)
  5. Scroll down to Shipped Materials to view a summary of the order; this includes a list of the materials provided for each course, the kit name/sku number, the order status, tracking information, etc.
  6. Using the icons (next to each item) and the Return status listed below you will be able to determine which materials will or will not need be returned once the course and/or School Year is complete. You can write in the books that will not be returned at the end of the year.
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K12 Strong Start

We're committed to helping newly enrolled families start strong and thrive throughout the school year. We know what an important decision your child's schooling is, and we're thrilled that you chose Omaha Virtual School!

Starting at a new school can involve big changes, for both you and your student. It takes time to adapt, and there may be challenges, especially in the beginning. As we've done for countless other families, we're here to help ensure a smooth transition for your family. We'll work alongside your school to provide the support you need to be successful—all year long.

Joining a K12-powered school gives you access to a national network of resources and to a vibrant school community. One great resource is K12's National Learning Coach University, which offers sessions and videos that provide tips and strategies for new families. Your K12-powered school will also provide orientation sessions and events.

So ask lots of questions and take advantage of the ongoing support available to you through your school, K12, and the community of K12 families. Remember, you're not alone.

Additional information will be provided closer to the start of school. You'll also find it helpful to view these short videos:

Transitioning to a K12 Powered School


Schedules and Routines


Creating an Effective Learning Environment


Creating an Effective Learning Environment

Part of enrolling in a virtual school is creating a space for the student to complete school work in. Being at home can pose lots of challenges to having an effective space for learning. Here are some tips to creating the best environment:
  1. Dedicate a space: Create a work station for all of your student's school materials. Space helps set the tone for a student to get into the mood to complete school work. When they know where their designated space to work at is, they have a better chance of being successful in finding and utilizing all of their materials.
  2. Maximize distraction: Limit the noise and distractions surrounding your student when it is time to work. Turn off the television and radio to limit sound. If you have multiple students at home, enforce quiet periods throughout the day to ensure all learners have an opportunity to work on school work with limited distractions.
  3. Organize the area: Keep things organized and easily accessible to finding books and other necessary supplies. It is important to have items where they can be found to ensure students have the ability to begin work right away rather than wasting time looking for materials.
  4. Create calendars, schedules and to do list: Organize your day by following the pacing guide to create a liust of lessons or tasks to accomplish. Creating a list will make the work load seem less overwhelming plus you will feel accomplished by crossing things off!!

Tracking Attendance

Learning coaches are required to keep daily attendance of the activities their students are completing. Attendance will be tracked in the online learning system (OLS), which is accessed through the learning coach log in screen. Learning coaches will track the activities their students do online and offline. For students in 6-11th grade, the online learning system tracks the student's activities in the course as long as they are logged into K12. Any offline course work will need to be recorded by the Learning Coach. Examples of offline work includes, reading a novel, creating a powerpoint, researching on a library database, etc. Offline work includes any work that is done outside of K12.

Students in K-5th grade will need to have all online AND offline work recorded by the Learning Coach. According to Nebraska Department of Education, rule 10, students in K-8th grade are expected to participate in 1,032 hours of course instruction throughout the school year; and, students in high school require1,080 hours.

Time spent at the Learning Center/Campus on the student's designated day does not need to be tracked in the OLS for attendance. Our Learning Facilitators are responsible for tracking the attendance weekly, with a report of total hours available upon request quarterly. Learning Coaches are required to track attendance for student work completed at home.

During the first weeks of school, there will be learning sessions available to learning coaches to assist in tracking the attendance properly in the K12 system. We encourage all learning coaches to attend to ensure they understand the process.Check out this video on how to track attendance.

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Omaha Virtual School

Mission: OVS is committed to empowering life-long learners by developing collaborative relationships. Within our community, we provide an innovative, personalized learning experience. Success in this mission will cultivate critical thinkers who have the tools to contribute to a changing global society.

Vision: Future ready, today.

Core Values: Growth Mindset, Positivity, Collaboration, Integrity, Accountability, Self-Advocacy