Connecting in the Creek!

A showcase of ICT in action at Kemps Creek PS

Connecting in the Creek

A chance to Share your success with your peers

Each stage team will have 15 minutes to showcase their success and challenges with integrating ICT authentically into the curriculum. Stage teams are invited to share and present as creatively as possible with the use of ICT (Cartoon animations, powerpoint, Imovie, what ever tool you wish to use is fine).

Ideas for presentations: Present data, surveys, achievements, student work samples, PMI, personal professional learning impact, future directions.

Term 3 ICT Showcase

Tuesday, Sep. 18th 2012 at 3:30-5pm

100 Cross Street

Kemps Creek, NSW

Hosted in the school Library.


3:30pm Registrations, set up, light refreshments

3:45pm ES1 Sharing Session

4:00pm S1 Sharing Session

4:15pm S2 Sharing Session

4:30pm S3 Sharing Session

4:45pm Where to from here? (Samson Fung)

5:00pm Close