Jack and the three good guys

By Jack Rigby

Chapter 1

Once upon a time in Mento’s land there were 3 friends Jack, Bryce and Rohit.There were also 1 bad guy name Roger. One day Rohit was bored so he snuck into the good guy’s base camp and stole the gold nugget.That gold nugget powered Mento’s land and powered moulty flavored mentos castle (and every thing inside).

Chapter 2

So it’s up to the the good guy’s to stop Roger. They all get there weapons -

Jack has unlimited throwing stars, M60 and a super powerful laser beam.

Bryce has a M60, an unlimited jar of bees and a crown that controls the giants.Rohit has a sniper, Mp7 and a ray gun mark 2.

Chapter 3

They all get in the teleporter. They go to Notre Dame class 4P and they find a base key on the floor near the smart board.

Chapter 4

They scan the key and it leads them to the bad guys base camp on Mercury. When they get to Mercury, they go to the enemies base camp. They use all their weapons to break the metal door. They steel the gold nugget from the inside the vault. They catch the bad guys and Bryce arrests Roger, the bad guy!

They then live happily ever after.

The End