Agriculture Available

Rainy Nothern Australia may help water issues

Water needed!

Farming is a big demand, and lakes are drying up. The North is very wet and could be just the place for more agriculture and farming. The only problem is it might not be the perfect environment for farming.

Food Bowl

Many of the foods we eat everyday are made by farming, yet a major issue for farming is lack of water, especially with the growing population. One way of solving this issue is using the wet North to our advantage. In other words, making farming possible in the rainy North.

This could create many opportunities, for many farmers. Yet it may not be as easy as it seems. In 2007 the goverment observed the land, but the results weren't that pleasing. the soil wasn't rich enough for growing food.

Another possible problem could be that there are some species only found in this area, and farming could affect these species.

Water could be rarer than thought, as it flows quickly to rivers in wet seasons, and evapourates in dry seasons

The governments are persisting in making this dream possible as they believe that if they go the right way about it, with the right technology, investments and crops, it might happen.