Laura Molina


PLATERESQUE (1500-1530):

·In the inside of the buildings were kept Gothic forms

·In the outside of the building were Renaissance motifes like coats of arms , medallons...

· The most significant example is the convent of San Marcos in Leon

PURIST (1530-1600)

·It adopted Renaissance elements in the building structure

·The most significant example is the Palace of Monterrey in Salamanca

HERRERIANO (1560-1600)

·It took its name from Juan de Herrera

·It is characterised by simple structures, slate roofs and bare decoration

·The most significant example is the monastery of El Escorial


·Most Spanish Renaissance sculptures were made from wood and then painted

·It has polychrome sculpture

·It is very realistic

·There were mostly religious themes

·Most famous sculptors were Alonso Berruguete and Juan de Juni


·The most famous Spanish Renaissance painter is El Greco

·He used enlongated figures, strong colors

·He mostly painted religious themes