Tuesday Tech Thoughts

Mrs. Beth Rihtar, Instructional Tech Coach, Park Ridge, IL

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So many Google updates this past week! My favorite...

Voice recognition typing is here, in your Google Docs. Simply open a new doc, go to "Tools" and then "Voice Typing". A microphone icon will appear on the left, and the very first time you use it, it will ask, "Do you want to allow Google Docs to access your microphone?" Hit allow, and then dictate away! It's pretty precise, as long as there's not too much background noise. You can also tell it to type punctuation, new line, new paragraph.

Here's a YouTube video demo I found.. .or just try it out yourself. The possibilities for this with students, for yourself (think of what you could do during that long commute!), for student-student interaction... it's really neat.

Chromebook FAQ of the week

Remember, you can access student Drives through Hapara. You don't need to have students "share" something with you, but rather, go through Hapara and access folders in their Drive. Remember, to help them (and you) stay organized, have them create docs/drawings/presentations *in* the class folder that they correspond to.
Chromebook Keyboard Shortcuts

Trying to figure out something with a student's Chromebook, or help them be more efficient? Check out this helpful list of keyboard shortcuts.

Pixar on Khan Academy!

Khan Academy has a great tie in with Pixar right now, with math, art, sound, writing exercises. It's really amazing and dynamic, and while not everything might work with your curriculum, you may find some great tie-ins, or use it as a discovery space for kids. To get to Khan Academy, just go to your "rainbow waffle iron" in upper left; you should have the app there.
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Mrs. Beth Rihtar, Instructional Technology Coach

Park Ridge-Niles School District 64