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Review of the Book

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Book review

"Crush, Candy, Corpse," The three words that matter to this book. These matter because for what happens in the book. Also each word in the title has a meaning. Crush, Sonny gets a new crush. Candy, Cole stole candy to give to his grandma who has diabetes. this book is good for people who are big fans for realistic fiction. The setting is in a house and retirement home. The major characters are Cole, Sunny, Cole's the Grandma and Michael Mcanne

who would i reccommend this to

In conclusion I think this book is really, really good. If you like mystery this is a book for you. Even if you like realistic fiction this is a book for you. Why is it a good book for mystery fans because there is a mystery in the book. Also why is it a great book for realistic fiction because you yourself can relate to what happens. You can make connections. you can even ask questions about the book and make predicaments.

Song that goes with this book

Robyn - Intro / Fembots (Webster Hall)

lyrics to Fembots

Small town murder scene smells like paint and gasoline
The bottom basement stair is caked in blood and matted hair
A single hanging bulb does its best to cut the gloom
casts a sickly yellow light on all the things we never use
A spade and shovel some broken chairs and you

It's a shame how the light of day can undo a made up face
But in the evening you still look fine
So pour another glass of wine put another record on
We'll let those goddamn Stanley boys sing another killing song
For pretty Polly, the Knoxville girl, and you

Well it's alright valentine, there will be moonlight through the pines
Well it's alright valentine, leave those street lights far behind
When you're gone, when you're gone

Why I chose this song.

The reason why I chose this song is because murder has to do with this book. So I chose a song that had to mention something with murder. So in a way both of these do relate. They both have to mention something about killing or dying but you can see a similar message being told threw the song and book.