Magical Mountain City

Constructed by Amrita Ajmera

Magical Mountain City has Lots to Give to the Community


Come visit the Magical Mountain Range where Isosceles Peak has two identical sides and an area of exactly 24 square centimeters. And did you know that Mythical Mt. is an acute angle? Perimeter Park has a perimeter of 30 centimeters, is a pentagon shape, and is extremely fun to have a picnic on. The Fire Station is a rectangular prism and its roof has a right angle. The Police Station is a cylinder and its innovative new roof ensures safety during any storm. Magical Mountain City's school is a rated 10 school and offers many amazing opportunities and the best teachers found in the country. The Magical Mt. Mall is a unique shade of sky blue brick and is a cylinder with the same type of roof as the Police Station with many of the best items you can find. The Obtuse Apartments get their unique name from the obtuse angle on its roof. The Magical Hospital has a magical touch and will always do whatever is necessary to help you heal and get back to normal life as soon as possible. Very close to each other are the sports fields for youth football and soccer and the baseball field for, of course, baseball.


Butterfly Ave. and Perpendicular Ln. intersect perpendicularly and Butterfly Ave. and Isosceles Peak Blvd. also intersect perpendicularly forming the 90 degree angles Magical Mountain City is famous for. Perpendicular Ln. and Isosceles Peak Blvd. are parallel to each other and so are Fire Ln. and Parallel Ln. Mt. Mall Ave. curves away leading to the next city from the second mall parking lot. Magical Mt. Rd. cuts through the town diagonally with five side roads branching off of it. Curvy Ln. is just one of the side roads that branch off and on of Magical Mt. Rd. and gets the name from the nice curve in the road. Intersecting Rd. and Purple Ln. intersect with each other as do Fire Ln. and

Purple Ln.

Parking Lots

  • All parking lots are symmetrical


  • The scenic route in the mountain range is symmetrical
  • The baseball field is symmetrical
  • The door to The Magical Mt. Mall is symmetrical
  • The side road that branches on/off of Isosceles Peak Blvd. and Butterfly Ave. makes a right triangle