The Tar Heel State

North Carolina

Come and visit the beautiful state.

Do you want to see a cardinal, have some fresh turkey, or just have fun, then come to north Carolina. You can visit lakes and mountains and have a good time.

The Good Company.

If you go to north Carolina and your feeling lonely, don't. Because theirs about 10.09 million people to greet you. Inducing some senators and the governor such as Burr Richard, Tillis Thom and pat mc crory. Even Dale Earhardt was born there

The State's Specials

Cardinals are the state bird that's why I said you could see one earlier, as for the state flower would be, the flowering dogwood. Out of all of the trees you'd most likely see a pinus palustris.

The Places You Can Go

To the west of the state their's a lot of mountains, the Appalachian Mountains to be exact, they shoot through the east side of the u.s.a. and there is some forest near there. There are some lakes in the middle of the state but on the east side there's the Atlantic ocean
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