Device Specific Guides


Step 1

Download the OverDrive Media Console app from one of the following:

Step 2

Open OMC and find the Bay Port library website. In newer versions of the app, you can do this by swiping from left to right to open the Home menu, then tapping Add a library. In older versions of the app, tap the icon (or, if you don't have this icon, go to Menu, Get Books).

  • Tap the star to save Bay Port's library website
  • Tap Bay Port to start browsing.

Step 3

Log into Bay Port's OverDrive library:

  • Library card number (school username)
  • PIN (student ID number)

Step 4

Find borrowed books. You can:

  • Select Read to open and read OverDrive Read eBooks right in your browser.
  • Select Kindle Book to complete checkout on Amazon's website and send the book to a Kindle device or Kindle reading app.
  • Download EPUB ebooks and MP3 audiobooks directly to OMC.