Old Hickory

Not a hero? C'mon.

Common Man

President Andrew Jackson. Was he born into politics? Did he have everything served to him on a silver platter since birth? No. This president of ours was born in a cabin. He was poor. He started from the bottom of this great american class system and worked his way up. A common man. Whoever said that the common man is a fool was proven wrong by this man. This man is one of us. He understands us in a sense that no other president has. He proved that with hard work, playing by the rules, and determination anyone can rise to the top. (Or that they could have in the 19th century. Either way, this man serves as a great model for what was at least once possible in this nation of ours.) Some people dare call this man an abuser of his hard-earned power. Read on as I intend to vaguely justify these so-called "atrocities" and draw more attention to the things that will make him sound like the hero I want to convince you he is.

War Hero

We went through many struggles to get to where we are now as a nation. One of them actually lasted a bit longer than it needed to. The battle of New Orleans was a battle that proved the courage and skill of Andrew Jackson. He made sure that we ended the war that had actually already ended on a high note. He led our soldiers to their triumphant and ultimately unnecessary victory. He and his soldiers masterfully defeated the British, giving them something something to think about and an even bigger thing to regret when they received the news that the war was actually over.

Killer of a national bank, not innocent people

Jackson, being the common man he is, despised the national bank. He said that the bank was corrupt and only helped the rich. With that, he got rid of it. He got rid of something he knew wasn't going to help people like you and me. He worked hard for the things that were in the common people's self interest. That included ignoring supreme court rulings. Say what you will about the trail of tears, but it was necessary to the benefit of the american people, those being mostly just white men. How dare these these well-dressed, educated, self-governing savages try to make themselves at home in our land that we took from them? Sure it was sad, but as it has been proven, no self-respecting country hasn't had it's fair share of unfair bloodshed.
In the picture above, you may see a tyrant; you might view this man as an unfair leader. I see a man of authority. I see a man that did the best that he could have done and takes pride in what he did, as should we.

Age of Jackson: Crash Course US History #14