Mrs. Hawker's Classroom Newsletter

September 19th, 2014

MAP Testing

MAP Testing

On Tuesday and Thursday morning students will participate in the math MAP (Measures of Academic Progress) test. This computerized test is required of all 2nd-4th grade students in the Howard Suamico School District. You can help your child prepare by emphasizing the importance of trying your best, not rushing, and using good test-taking strategies, such as making your best guess. Also, please make sure your child gets a good night's sleep , and eats a healthy breakfast in the morning. :)

Birthday Treats

Birthdays are a special time, and many children like to celebrate by bringing a treat to share. If your child would like to bring a treat for his or her birthday, please consider the following:

  • There are 25 students in our class.

  • Please provide napkins (especially for cupcakes!), and any necessary utensils.

  • Please consider healthy alternatives to cupcakes. :)

  • Non-edible treats are also a fun alternative (pencils, stickers, etc.).