Azerbaijn culture

Facts about Azerbaijn.

Azerbaijn is a interesting country.

Azerbajin's capital is Bak,and its flag has three colors.Each color on their flag stands for something.The blue is Twrkic herilige,the red is progress,and the green is Islam.
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Azerbaijn is in Asia and is surrounded by Armainia,Gerorgia,Iran,Russia,and Turkey.Some of its land forms include Baza-Dyuzi,the Talish mountains,the Caspain sea,Alanza,and the Mangacheiver Resivoir.But land isn't the only thing to see,some of its interesting land marks are the Carpet museum,Gobusttan rock drawings,and the Gobusstan state reserve.

They also have some bodies of water such as the Csapain sea and the Alanzi.These places do affect the people.There are lots of heavy thunderstorms.

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Azerbaijn has a constituntial republic.Their elected leader is Inham Aliryev who trusts them

with some political freedoms,but not as much as The United States.

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Money wise,they aren't exactly poor,but they aren't rich either.Their currency is manats,and they have quite of few because their country is a reliable source of petroleum their life expectancy is 70.62 years,their literacy rate is 99.5 and their 80.2%.


They wear clothes similar to us,even though they speak Azerbajint.They also have holidays such as News years,women's day,and state flag day.The main religion is Muslim,but there's a little Shia and Sunnimus.Some of the foods include Fragrant Saftron and various fish dishes.
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They are never super hot or super cold.They average around 10 too 50mm in rain fall as well as 50c too 60c in yearly temperature.Recently though there has been climate changes causing floods.
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in 730 Khazar invaded and conquered Azerbaijn.In 1988-1994 was a full out war between Azerbajin and Armenia.

Azerbaijn and America

The Azerbaijn culture is part of the soviet union,their langue is Azerbanijnt,has December Solsite and their flag consists of green,blue and red,while America is part of a free market economy,their main langue is English,has Christmas and their flag consists of red,white,and blue.