Tech Tip #13 - Chrome

October 30, 2014 - BEST District

It's Time To Switch Browsers!

Are you a Firefox, Safari, or (Heaven Forbid) Internet Explorer user? If you said yes, it is time to switch to Chrome. There are so many awesome features of Chrome that make it the #1 Browser for sure.

Mrs. Skinner of GLA, had her MacBook stolen over the weekend yet was able to log into her Chrome Browser on another device to retrieve all of her bookmarks, chrome apps, and have Chrome open pre-set tabs upon start up (not to mention that when she logged into Drive and all of her school files including the GLA SIP were still there)! Mrs. Skinner made the switch a month ago and so should you.

Step 1: Do A Google Search

Bring up any browser, and do a search for Chrome. Download Chrome - it doens't matter if you are uses a Windows OS or a Mac OS, Chrome works with both well.
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Step 2: Make Chrome Your Default Browser

Now that you have downloaded Chrome, you will want all of your internet shortcuts to use Chrome when you double-click them. To do this, we need to make Chrome your default browser. Here's how:
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Chrome Apps

Interested in getting a little bit more out of Chrome? Try adding some Chrome Apps from the App Store.

Or go to the store specific to your grade level:

Elementary Store

Middle School Store

High School Store

Here are some of the apps I have installed into my Chrome browser -

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Daniel Watson, eLearning Coach

Consider adding Chrome to ALL of your devices!!! Chrome is fully compatible with Apple and Droid devices!