The big week

Fares A.

Species: Stejneger's Petrel

Family: Petrel

Genus: Procellarii

Species: Osprey

Family: Osprey

Genus: Falconi

Species: White collared swift

Family: Swifts

Genus: Apodi

Species:Clay Colored Thrush

Family: Thrushes (Turdidae)

Genus: Passeri

Species: Groove Billed Ani

Family: Cuckoos and Roadrunners

Genus: Cuculi

Species: Gray King Bird

Family: Flycatchers

Genus: Passeri

Species: Wilson's Storm Petrel

Family: Storm Petrel

Genus: Procellarii

Species: Red Billed Pigeon

Family: Pigeons and doves

Genus: Columbi

Species: Fish Crow

Family: Crows and Jays

Genus: Passeri

Species: White Chinned Petrel

Family: Petrels and Shearwaters

Genus: Procellarii

Species: Grasshopper Sparrow

Family: Sparrows

Genus: Passeri

Species: Wood Duck

Family: Duck Geese and Swans

Genus: Anseri

Species: Green Pigeon

Family: Pigeons

Genus: Columbi

Species: Black Phalarope

Family: Sandpipers

Genus: Charadrii

Species: Chihuahuan Raven

Family: Crows and Jayz

Genus: Passeri

Species: Rusty Blackbird

Family: Blackbird

Genus: Passeri

Bald Eagle
African Penguin
Rockhopper Penguin
Red-Crowned crane
Ocellated Trukey
Toco Toucan
Happy eagle
King Vulture
Andean condor
Final bird count is 16
Fares A. 16 birds found