Digital Citizenship

By: Andrew Choi 5th period

Digital Literacy

Digital Literacy is a thing where you read or do any literature related things online. Also, you can learn knowledge and stuff like that.
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Digital Etiquette

Digital Etiquette is basically making a better digital life for others and yourself.
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Digital Laws

Digital laws are made so you can have a safe environment around your digital technology.

Digital Rights and Responsibilities

In digital Right ans Responsibilities, you have the right to say something but not something bad and the responsibility to report or do something.

Digital Commerce

Digital commerce is where you can buy and sell goods to others. Trading for money online is the digital commerce.
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Digital Communication

Digital communication is when you send and receive information not physically, but electronically.

Digital Health and Awareness

Digital health and wellness is when you use the electronic safely and appropriately.

Digital Access

Digital Access is when you have access to a digital and electronic internet.
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Digital Security

Digital security is is a system where you secure your private information and secure you identity.
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