The Gazette

June 2016

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Dear Parents,

In just a few days your children will be completing a year of pre-school. For some of you it will be your child's first year and for others it will be a second or even third year! This year we have 10 children graduating from pre-school. Many of these 10 children have been with me for two academic years. I have thoroughly enjoyed watching them grow and blossom. Thank you parents, for giving me a chance to work with your curious, energetic and observant children! I am excited to announce that 3 of the children in our class will be staying with us for Kindergarten next year!

Next year, we will be welcoming back about 11 children from our current class. We have been talking to them regularly about the importance of their role for next year, as rising pre-schoolers and kindergartners. They seem very excited about being a role model for the younger children who will be starting our class next September.

For all the children who are changing schools, we will miss you very much and hope to see you back at North Shore Montessori for special events or out in the community. We wish you all the best in your new schools!

We have had a fun filled year packed with new experiences, friendships, experiments, lessons, growth and laughter! We hope that everyone has a fantastic summer with family and friends. We look forward to seeing many of you again in September!


I would like to remind you that our Moving Up Ceremony is on Thursday, June 23rd at 9:15 a.m.. Please drop off your children to the classroom before heading to the gym. I look forward to seeing everyone then!!

The End of the year Highlights!

I thought for our last newsletter I would share some highlights of this past spring. I will include mostly pictures! I will begin by sharing a bit about the baby chicks from April.

In April, the children were fortunate to have watched baby chicks hatching! The Furhman family generously donated 7 fertilized eggs and an incubator. The children spent 20 days observing the incubator and learning about the Life Cycle of a Chick. The Life Cycle of a chick is 21 days but these precious chicks decided to hatch out a day early! During the 20 days of waiting, the children protected the eggs just like mother hens. Every day, we talked about what was developing inside the eggs. On the 20th day, the children arrived to school and saw that 5 chicks had hatched out early that morning! They could hardly believe their eyes! We moved the 5 chicks into a large container and waited for the other 2 chicks to be born!

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Eric Carle: Author Study & Art Show

For a second year in a row, we spent quite a bit of time studying the author and illustrator: Eric Carle. We read several books by Eric Carle like: Have you seen my cat?, From Head to Toe, Polar Bear Polar Bear, Pancakes, Pancakes and My Apron. We learned facts about his life and how he became an author/illustrator. We also discussed how Eric Carle, creates his artwork by painting tissue paper, cutting out different shapes and then superimposing them to create vibrant and inviting images. We were so inspired by his artwork that we decided to give it a try!

Therefore, for the Art Show, we decided to make Eric Carle inspired collages on notecards. Children painted white construction paper and used different materials such as sponges, corks, forks and bubble wrap to give the papers texture. We also used splatter technique, which the children had already worked on with Mrs. Flood.

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Each child had an opportunity to make a collage with one of our assistants. The assistants would suggest a theme but sometimes children knew what they wanted to make. Depending on the age of the child, some could trace different shapes and others needed guidance. After the shape was created, the child cut it out to the best of his ability. Some children, needed more assistance than others. Next children, glued shapes onto the note card. There were a lot of steps involved and the process required a lot of concentration and motivation! The whole class really got into this project! It was very exciting to see their unique colorful creations. If you would like to see some more examples of their work please email me.

Some examples of their art work

Planting Lima Beans

Over the past three weeks, we have continued learning about life cycles. We have read several books about butterflies and plants. Recently, we planted lima beans with the morning and afternoon classes. We have also been talking a lot about different kinds of seeds and learning the names of flowers, trees, fruits and vegetables. In addition, some children have been curious about learning the names of different insects and birds. It has been a very busy spring and your children have worked hard up until the very end of school!
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A Few Playground shots

Thank you again for a wonderful year! Happy Summer!