Charlotte Doyle

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These are the main characters They are in the story the most and they are the story without them there wouldn't be a story. Also without them the story wouldn't be as interested as it is now. These are also some of the main characters.
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Mr.Holly Brass

The Captains assistant who was murdered.

Rising Action

The Rising Action starts when Zachariah"supposedly", and Mr. Holly brass were killed.

Also when Charlotte was blamed for the murder and they all believed she did it.


Climax starts when they find out Zachariah is not actually dead. Then when Mr. Holly brass is murdered they start expecting Charlotte Doyle as a prime suspect because of the dirk Captain Jaggery saw, and then Zachariah comes, and visits her.

Falling Action

This is where she goes to court, and gets accused and shall be hung up and left to die and then...


Charlotte Doyle is set free after the captain dies and she gets to America.

Man vs. Self

When Charlotte Doyle found the pistol and the round robin in Mr. Ewing's forecastle and she is contemplating wether or not to tell Captain Jaggery what she had come upon.

Man vs. Man

When Captain Jaggery beat Mr.Zachariah and killed Mr.Hollybrass It showed an example of man vs. man.


Charlotte Doyle was a young thirteen year-old girl that was going back to America. She got a the boat called the Seahawk with an evil captain. She was the only passenger along with the crew. A man named Zachariah became her friend and also gave Charlotte a knife for protection. Mr.Holybrass is killed in the storm and Charlotte gets accused of his murder and goes on trial. At first she is to be hung but then they find out Captian Jaggery was the one who killed him. The Captain gets thrown over board after trying to hurt Charlotte. They soon arrive in America and later she gets back on the Seahawk to travel with them forever.

Figurative Language

Simile- "Above my head the lantern swung grotesquely, the men's possessions skittered about like billiard balls.." (131). "'s four strands twitching like the tail of an angry cat" (92).
Metaphor- " My hands were on fire, the soles of my feet were raw" (116). "My head felt light, my heart an anvil" (116).
Imagery- " Hurricane, I heard" (131)."..the cry All hands all hands came repeatedly'(131)!
Personification-" Even as the cry came the Sea hawk pitched and yawed violently" (131). "A heavy rain, flung wildly by the wind that screamed and moaned.." (131).
Hyperbole- ".. certain I would never rise again" (31). " face burning" (150).

Refrain- " you recognize this knife?.. Captain I left it.. Miss Doyle do you recognize this knife?" (163). " one.. no one (162).


The theme of this book is to not presume and jump to conclusions to quickly. Also its showing to stick by your friends at all times no matter what.