The First Days of School

by Harry Wong and Rosemary T. Wong


Cooperative learning- A set of instructional techniques whereby students work in small, mixed-ability learning groups.


1. Teacher presents a lesson

2. Student groups are assigned tasks that meet the objectives

3. Teacher reviews group and study strategies

4. Students work together to help one another master the objectives

Effective groups depend on:

  • Class climate
  • The explanation

Class climate- Students should be successful in class from the beginning

The explanation- Explaining how and why groups are formed

Who is placed in a group???

Number of students depends on activity

Teach to work cooperatively regardless of who is in the group

Cheering students to work to the highest capacity

Ensuring student work-

# of jobs = # of students in group

Benefits of cooperative learning:

  • Improved test scores
  • Deeper thinking development
  • leadership skills
  • interdependence
  • social skills
Cooperative learning in teachers and administrators- SET AN EXAMPLE!!!

SpongeBob team work song