Hero's Guide To Saving The Kingdom

Book By Christopher Healy Report By Gabi Patt

Story Overview

In this book, the brave (and not so brave) Prince Charmings fight for their name to be known.So different, and only a like in one way. They have been brought terrible futures by Bards who write songs about what is happening in the kingdoms of Strumhagen, Sylvaria, Avondalle, Harmonia and Erthinia. These men aren’t the wittiest, but they all, in the end, care about each other. They all would be sitting around if it wasn't for the Bards. These amazing men go around like a pinball machine, through each kingdom. These princes are crazy, but liked by someone. Maybe this is why they were all called Prince Charming.

Book Review

Do you like hilarious comedies and funny bromances? If so this book is for you. It is about four princes who have been brought to shame by the bards of the kingdoms, but when a princess is lost one by another, these weird princes try to rescue them, only to find it goes the other way around. This book is the funniest one I ever read, and I recommend the trilogy to anyone with a sense of humor. This book brings out the fun in terrible circumstances with Fun Duncan, Talkative Frederic, Mighty Gustav, and Brave Liam. These four combine themselves into superheroes without superpowers! - The Gabby Gabi

Guaranteed to be funny!