Quarter 1 Week 6

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10 Healthiest sports

Assignment # 1

1. click on the link and as you read each sport , indicate each is considered healthy

Great for the Heart questions

Assignments # 2

1. What is one of the best ways to stay fit and healthy ? Why ?

2. Are their team sports you currently participate, if not, which team sports do you like ?

3. Do you prefer team or individual sports .... explain

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Work Your Heart Out

Assignment # 3

1. What are some of the major health problems in the US ?

2. What is the cause ?

3. List the advantages of a maintaining a healthy heart and lifestyle

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Assignment # 4

1. identify the key terms listed below

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A Happy Heart

Assignment # 5

1. Why is it important for a strong healthy heart ?

2. Explain the relationship between your blood and oxygen

3. How hard does your heart work ?

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How to work out a healthy heart

Assignment # 6

1. Of the vigorous exercises, which ones to you do ? How often ?

2. Do the same with the moderate exercises

3. And finally, the low of light ones

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Calculating your heart rate

Assignment # 7

1. How do you measure your heart rate ?

2. Calculate yours right now .... sitting down out your computer- what's your HR ?

3. Now get up and move a bit ... do few stretches ... now recalculate ... your HR ?

4. What's the range for a normal HR?

5. How do you lower it ?

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Target Heart Rate

Assignment # 8

1. What is a target heart rate ?

2. How to you determine it ?

3. Today perhaps or tomorrow .... choose some type of exercise for at least 30 minutes. Take your HR every 10 minutes ...what was your range ? Were you in the blue or green range?

4. Using the chart below ... what is your target heart rate for your age ?

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Recovery heart rate

Assignment # 9

1. What is RHR ?

2. How does it determine your level of fitness ?

3. The next time you exercise ... follow the directions below and indicate your RHR

4. Why pay close attention to your heart rate >

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