"Learn Like A Champion" February 19, 2021

LCAP GOAL 3 New Temperature Reading Machine

After the temperature reader machine was set up, we had a couple of test pilot stunt actors come in from Hollywood and try it out.
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Classified Employee of the Year Carissa Bailon

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Carissa is the Classified Employee of the Year at Frank Ledesma. She was nominated for districtwide Employee of the Year. Carissa and her team have been out there doing what they do regardless of the severe weather, pumpkin patch, book donations, and so many other events. She has been an example of dedication and hard work which helps families feel connected to the school community during these challenging times. Thank you Carissa!
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LCAP GOAL 2 Proficiency for ALL - California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco

I am so proud of the teachers who understand the importance of loving their students as Ms. Lopez does. The students still are getting the best opportunities to learn and experience science and the world during virtual learning. Samantha Lopez took her students on a virtual visit to the California Academy of Science in San Francisco. The students learned all about African Penguins! What a great experience and a lot of fun. The students made Valentines and they remembered their new little penguin friends too. Love and learning go together. Notice that so many cameras are turned on when happy learning is taking place.
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COVID Virtual Learning has been challenging for everyone. Teacher/Student relationships are a bigger deal than ever before.

We have talked about Social Emotional Learning often, especially in the past year. I am so proud of our teachers for going above the call of duty helping students feel part of their class. During an IEP recently, I ended up speaking with the parent about Growth Mindset and how that would help the student with work from home. The parent loved the idea. It reminded me of how important it is for us to continually celebrate and talk about what we do to connect with students.

I recently read an article written by a teacher in Sacramento. The teacher acknowledged how much teachers everywhere are doing so many creative things to build positive relationships with the students. The idea is that the more connected the student and teacher are, the more the student will want to learn. One idea the teacher wrote about was, depending on the age of the students, developing student leaders who can help the class may be a good strategy to bring in some peer support.

Another idea the teacher had was to have students complete a weekly "Check-In" with students. She sends out a Google Form survey to all students at the beginning of the week. Questions include how students are feeling about the class, school, personal lives, and technology issues. There is a goal-setting question for the week and a reflection on a goal they previously set. A very important question: "Is there anything else that you think it would be helpful for me (teacher) to know about how you or your family are doing?" This doesn't work for everyone because the teacher must provide feedback and let the students know that their responses are being read by the teacher. The teacher will reach out according to the need, but everyone gets feedback.

One more interesting idea the teacher had was really a simple thing but highly important according to research. The teacher always greets the students by name as they enter Zoom and as much as possible, the teacher says goodbye to each student when they leave. Hearing their name helps give students feel a sense of belonging, which is critical to academic success. Eventually, the greeting became so important to the students that if a student joined and did not hear their name, the student will say "Mr. ---, you didn't say hello to me." Some students will go ahead and say good morning and the teacher will respond.

Many Acts of Kindness Come in ALL Shapes and Formats - SEL at Frank Ledesma

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LCAP GOAL 2 and 3 SEL - Deepening Relationships Students & Teachers

Teachers are doing incredible things to help students show up to virtual learning and to do their best. In a recent Education Week article, a teacher someplace in the country had a few suggestions that work for her to deepen relationships with students. She likes to have short chats and make certain comments that are helpful. She believes it is important for the teacher to let students know that she will be reaching out to them. She will sometimes arrange a time to speak to the student during a time slot.

The teacher shared some comments that foster personal connections by showing she values their time to connect. For example, she will say "I'm glad we have the chance to talk," "Your sister is back from college now, right? How has it been having her home," or "What would you say is your biggest source of stress right now?" She had more phrases such as "What do you need most right now from me?" Some helpful phrases are helpful for emotional connections such as "Tell me more about that," "That must be difficult for, I can only imagine how that impacts you."

A benefit to the students is the goal. These little chats and comments can foster a sense of safety and belonging. Through this strategy, the teacher needs to enhance students' resilience and coping. There are many benefits if the teacher can stay solution-oriented. The teacher/author provided this statement to emphasize the importance of helping students learn to persevere: "It sounds like a lot has been happening that is out of your control, and that sounds really frustrating. What are some things you do have control over - something small you can do to start to make things better?"

As the principal at FL, I am so lucky to work with amazing teachers who value SEL along with high learning expectations.

LCAP GOAL 2 Proficiency for ALL: 3rd Grade Material and Supply Distribution - Connecting with Students and Parents!

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Students were so happy to see the teachers. The teachers were equally thrilled to check-in with students. The parents were very appreciative and supportive. Personal connections as much as we can is a way to keep our positive culture going at Frank Ledesma Elementary during the pandemic school closure.

LCAP GOAL 2 SAVE The WHALES and Mrs. Shin's Class - Science is Still Happening!

Mrs. Shin's 5th-grade class participated in a virtual Save the Whales workshop on how recycling and the ocean are connected. Students identified items in their home and they learned how long materials last on Earth. Some last months, some last millions of years! The students learned that whenever possible, use aluminum cans or items versus plastic. Aluminum can be directly turned into other things more than other materials including plastic. Re-usable straws are the way to go! In the picture below, Avery shows Amanda and Steven (Save the Whales) an item that can be recycled that is a common item found in most homes.
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KINDER REGISTRATION ALL WEEK 9:00 am - 2:00 pm. February 22-26, 2021! Spread the Word!

Important Events:

February 22 - ELCAP Advisory Committee Virtual Meeting at 6:00 pm

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February 25 - School Site Council Virtual Meeting at 5:00 pm

February 26 - Digital Citizenship Lessons Due! & Timesheets Due!

March 1 - March Curriculum Meeting 3:30 - 4:45 pm

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March 5 - Happy Friday!

Please Save The Date, March 9th!

Hello Teachers,

Please mark March 9th from 2:25 pm - 4:25 pm on your calendar. The I-Ready team will be conducting a training session for elementary and middle school teachers to discuss your site's Diagnostic assessment #2 data.

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