the countryside

By: Kelsie Oechsner

Need a Vacation??

The Blackland prairies is the perfect place for vacation. We are located in the Texas region area. We have cozy cabins to sleep in as you listen to the only noise..crickets. Its so quiet here with such an amazing scenery. if you need to get away from all the noise, traffic, busy cars then this is the place to go to.


The average temperature in these prairies are 60 to 70 degrees, perfect weather if you ask me. the weathering here is caused by water and cute little creatures burrowing in these prairies. The erosion here is rain and animals carrying away dirt and minerals. the soil here is very fertile that its easily picked up by wind and deposited somewhere else.

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Save the prairies!

in 2010 these prairies were known as useless land and was about to be destroyed.

all these wonderful creatures and plant life would have been destroyed if it wasn't for people standing up for the prairies and wild life. Come on down see the wonderful sight. Come see what other people wanted to save!!

You know you want to visit us! Maybe you want to live here! Either way we both know you really want to come to the Blackland Prairies!!!