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Mostly Right brain!

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Why am i right brain?

I am right brain because I'm athletic, and I like to move a lot. I like to always be on the go no matter what. I never like to sir down in one place forever. I am very unorganized and I have clutter everywhere. I like to listen to music while I'm working.

Why i am not left brain?

I am not left brain because I'm not organized and I don't like to keep stuff in order. I do not talk proper when I'm talking. I don't like to write all the time even though I'm good at it.

What are my 3 Strenghts in the right brain?

One of my strengths is that I'm creative and I always want to do new stuff. I always want to build new stuff or come up with things. I always like to go and not sit down. I like to do stuff through out the day and never go home. My last strength is being unorganized because I like clutter to work

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The Sources I used?

the sources I used are, Google images, Right, left ,Right,, Pintrest com
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Running sports

When you run track, you can communicate with your peers and teammate. You're still being athletic because you are running
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