Sequoia High School

Monday Focus

September 2 , 2019

"We do the Impossible- because it is impossible, that is why we at Sequoia are empowered by the challenge"

DreamWorks Madagascar | Where Is That Vitaly? | Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted | Kids Movies

Peek at the Week

Monday: Labor Day

Tuesday: Homeroom Rep Meeting; SILT Meeting;

Wednesday: STRONG Tier 2; Principal's Meeting; Lifetouch Photography; SSOC Meeting; Principal Meeting 8-12; STONG Tier 3 (may need to reschedule)

Thursday: Joven Noble; Drug Counseling meeting; Senior Workshop 3:30; TCHLN 4:30 at SHS

Friday: All Gradebooks Updated in Powerschool by end of the business day; Fifth Year Senior Meeting 10:30; "Theb Talks."


Sequoia Science Department, ready to test their hypothesis. (not sure who's skull that was?)

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"The English Department as Mil Mascaras ready to power drive with words."

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Mandated Reporting

As we all get situated in our classrooms, offices, programs, afterschool services, sporting events, and counseling services our students will begin to confide in issues, experiences, and circumstances that will warrant us to initiate our responsibility as a mandated reporter. Please ensure that if you are the person a student or a witness confides in of an issue that warrants mandated report, you will be the person responsible for making the report. But, please seek support from administration, social support team, as well as our YSO. Every child deserves our full attention in matters that jeopardize their physical and emotional well being.

2019-2020 Back to School Night a Big Success

Principal's Corner

Friday marked the first installment of our "CSI Grade Update." This Tuesday during our SILT meeting, the Department Leads, Social and Emotional Team, and the Attendance Team will review the academic data for students in the 100%-80%, 79%-60%, and 59%-0% attendance range. We will utilize the Data Protocol system and format that we used at our last PD.

The results of our conversations will then be taken back to each designated department for a more detailed review. A reminder: Our goal is to have a collaborative mindset, become a third-person observer, and respond to the following two questions:

  1. How will we respond when they don’t learn?
  2. How will we respond when they already know it?

Academics Ms. Monsiviaz:

Good Morning! We are currently working on fixing all of the glitches in Powerschool regarding referrals and quick-look-up, thank you for your patience. I will be getting around to your classrooms on Wednesday and Friday this week. Please make sure to upload your pacing guides to the new SHS Teacher Google Drive. Your PLC leads may have already shared this with you, but as a reminder, it can be found under shared drives. If you need help please contact me. Thank you for all of your hard work these past two weeks.

Academic Support Mrs. Cobarruvias Sequoia is off to a Strong beginning:

  • Academic Supportive Referrals-began
  • ID 23 students who have 3 or more “F,” (chronic absences play a huge factor)
  • Currently, have 265 students enrolled
  • The students began working on the Senior Portfolios
  • Enrolled 33 students into Edgenuity (demonstrates an interest in their Education)
  • 2, 5th-year seniors on track for Graduation at the end of Session 1: G. Zavala & M. Medrano
  • California Student Aid Commission- Training Thursday Enrolled all teachers for CCGI
  • Will enroll 5th yr Seniors on Friday for COS.
  • Senior Workshops Tuesday & Thursday After School

Resource Team Mrs. Wasnick:

As we finish our third week here is a few updates with our special education students and reminders. Currently, we have 13 students on our caseload at Sequoia High school. Out of those 13, 1 student has been placed in ALA and 1 have not attended. So out the 11 currently on main campus 6 are passing all of their classes, 2 are failing half of their classes, 2 are failing 1 class, and 1 is failing 2 classes. This is a huge success in my eyes and all thanks to you all and the hard work being implemented inside and outside of the classroom. Reminder out of our 11 students, 4 have Behavior Intervention Plans. I sent them out via email to teachers who have these students in classes. If you have not received them or have questions please feel free to catch me when I am on-site or email me. Mrs. Segura has scheduled out our IEP meetings so please check your outlook and plan to attend meetings as you all are an integral role in these meetings and often have more insight academically and behaviorally being that you have them in class daily. If for any reason you cannot make it please connect with us so we can input your information and be able to discuss in the meeting.

Social Development Mr. Manivanh: What a great week! Several of the interns made observations of the unique relationships between students to teachers/staff at Sequoia. They shared how students were able to go to a teacher/staff for “help” with issues they are dealing with. Yes! The time and efforts spent with students are noticeable and it is making a difference. Keep up the great work. Thank you for all the help and support that you all provided in creating another successful “Back To School Night “ event. The students and parents who came were all excited and had a great time. I had many students who did not attend the event asked lots of questions. Let’s continue to work together to build a “stronger “ Sequoia.

SSIP Mr. Kennedy: SSIP week 2 is in the books! All students apart of the SSIP program have been assessed and know the different levels of their RPRA assessment score. The SSIP program will be selecting 6 students who are excelling in the program to be mentors to our local Goshen Elementary. One main goal this year for the SSIP program is to be more involved in our community.

Homeroom Binder Check List:

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Science Class making powerful connections

Song of the Week Recommended by Mr. Garza: Oh What a Night by Four Seasons

The Four Seasons - December, 1963 (Oh, What a Night)

The Heart of Every School is In the Classrooms

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Sequoia High School Building Project

With each passing day, we are closer to the completion of the New Sequoia High School. In order to prepare for the move, this week we will prepare and pack three things in the SHS carryall:

  1. SHS Academic Intervention system.
  2. All student grades are updated and we prepare for Data Protocol.
  3. AP Monsiviaz completes first round of classroom observations.

Sequoia High School

Adolfo Reyes, Principal

Yolanda Monsiviaz, Assistant Principal

Salud Cobarruvias, Counselor

Emily Ramirez, Lead Administrative Assistant

Kelly Wasnick, School Psychologist

Theb Manivanh, Social Worker

Adriana Cabrera, XL Director

Kellen Kennedy, Gang/Behavior Interventionist

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