My Jarrett Taylor

5 basic facts

  • Was an illicit liquor store or nightclub
  • During prohibition being from 1920-1933
  • They were established underground, or hidden within stores and businesses, in most establishments
  • The most famous speakeasy location was the "21" Club in New York
  • They were most common in New York especially in between 45th and 52nd street on 5th and 6th avenues, where almost every single building contained illegal liquor

5 interesting facts

  • They flourished even though police and agents of the bureau of prohibition would raid them because they were so profitable
  • The poor quality of the bootlegged beer sold in some speakeasies created a shift where, at the time, there was an enjoyment of the raw taste of liquor to new cocktails that were aimed to hide the taste of moonshine
  • Culture was affected as it was illegal to show alcohol in movies but some directors did so anyway as they though it was a great part of the American lifestyle
  • When the Detriot-Windsor tunnel opened in 1930, it became another way to smuggle alcohol, creating more business
  • Most speakeasies would serve every race and surprisingly blacks and whites got along with little to no problems
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