Book Review over "Night"

Author- Elie Wiesel/Review By: Logan Thomas

Summary of "Night"

The book "Night" is about a young boy and his family sruggling to survive in the concentration camps of the Holocaust. After they had been evacuated from their town of Sighet, Transylvania,they were sent to the camp of Auschwitz. During the time of the first selection, Elie's mother and three sisters had been seperated from Elie and his father, never to see eachother again. Elie and his father continued sticking together for many more selections. They worked for months, leading to years, barley getting by, and slowly having all they had taken from them. Later on one day in mid January, Elies foot started swell badly because it was filled with puss. He got it checked out by a docter and later on had to have surgory to get it removed. Days after that, the Russian army started moving in on the camp, and Elie and his dad had the choice of staying in the hospital where they thought they would be killed, or to go with the rest of the prisoners. they chose to travel with the rest of the camp, and had to run 42 miles straight untill they reached some cattle trailers that they had to travel in for a week untill they reached their new camp of Buchenwald. By the time his father had reached the camp, he lost all will to live. His father was hit in the head by an SS officer and died from it on January 28,1945. Elie had to stay in the camp until April 11, 1945 when the Americans liberated the camp. He was the only survivor of his family. I liked the book because it showed how people can survive through some of the hardest circumstances possible and I would recommend this book to everyone to read.